Pc Killjoys Including Tesco And Bradford Council Have Banned ‘offensive’ St George Flags


ENGLAND flags were banned again yesterday for “causing offence” amid a growing row over politically correct killjoys.

Councils, shop staff and cabbies were ordered to remove St George symbols as the World Cup kicked off.

Getty Images – Getty Killjoys have banned England flags from being on display because they are ‘causing offence’

The Royal Mail had previously banned its 125,000 posties from displaying England flags.

But they faced a backlash from patriotic supporters, councillors and Prime Minister Theresa May. Among the many enforcing a ban were a Tesco in Hyde, Greater Manchester, which barred its staff from putting up England flags.

Thameside councillor John Bell blasted: “People want to show their support for England and should be allowed to do so.” Tory council candidate Andrea Colbourne tweeted: “It’s infuriating.”

PA:Press Association A Tesco branch in Manchester was among the organisations introducing the ban

One shop in Sheffield’s giant Meadowhall mall stopped using carrier bags printed with England flags following customer complaints that they were “offensive.”

Bradford Council ordered its 8,500 staff to remove St George’s flags from council vehicles “if someone is offended”. It did a U-turn later, saying it would be “happy” for them to remain.

Dozens of taxi drivers were warned they face a licensing committee rap for flying flags from cars in Cumbria. One at City-Lynx Taxis in Barrow-in-Furness said: “Flying flags is patriotic.”

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