Passengers Stranded After Train ‘takes A Wrong Turn’ And Gets Lost In West Yorkshire


TRAIN passengers bound for Reading were left stranded in Yorkshire after their train took a wrong turn and “got lost”.

Travellers on CrossConutry‘s 2.35pm Friday service from Newcastle were baffled when they found themselves stopped next to a power station in Pontefract, West Yorkeshire.

Alamy People travelling on the CrossCountry train had expected their journey to take just a few hours

The near 300-mile journey should have have taken just a few hours but passenger Jeni Harvey tweeted to say she and others on the train had become stranded after an unexpected detour.

She wrote: “Currently on a lost train somewhere near Pontefract. We’re stuck because the driver ‘went the wrong way.’ Who knew this was even possible?!”

She added: “I’m seeing a LOT of Ferrybridge power station today. Or is it Dax? Dunno. #losttrain”

Baffled social media users responded to the post, with Ruth Adams saying: “I really did not know that trains could get lost!”

Twitter Jeni Harvey said she was baffled by the mix-up on Twitter

Twitter She took a picture of a power station through the window of the ‘lost train’

Jeni replied: “No! You wouldn’t, would you?! But as hundreds of us unfortunately found yesterday, indeed they can…!”

Another user, Catherine Elphee, quipped: “Sounds like a new episode of Thomas… where’s the Fat Controller when you need him…”

Eventually the trian was back on the move and was redirected to Sheffield where the service was terminated.

Passengers were then forced to hop on a different train to finally reach their destination.

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