Paris Installs 10ft Anti-terror Wall Around Eiffel Tower Using Bulletproof Glass To Protect Visitors From Attacks


PARIS has installed a 10ft anti-terror wall around the Eiffel Tower using bulletproof glass to protect visitors from potential attacks.

The permanent structure, unveiled on Thursday, replaces the old metal fencing with 450 clear panels which are two inches thick and weigh 1.5 tonnes each.

AP:Associated Press Paris has unveiled an anti-terror wall its built to protect visitors from terror attacks at the Eiffel Tower

The company operating France’s most-visited monument says the walls have been put up at the north and south ends of the site to protect visitors from terror attacks.

Two graphic grids have been erected on the two other sides of the site and bollards against vehicle ramming attacks will be set up all around.

Soldiers and police will keep patrolling outside and inside the area, as they have done since the deadly November 2015 attacks in the French capital.

The glass walls allow visitors to admire the views from the nearby Champ-de-Mars gardens to the other side of the Seine River that cuts through Paris.

AP:Associated Press The bulletproof glass panels are more than two inches thick and weigh over a tonne

AP:Associated Press Construction workers build a new security bulletproof glass barrier around the monument

The renovation, which also embellish the gardens beneath the tower, is part of a £261million (300 million euro) project announced last year to modernize the 129-year-old tower.

The security renovation should be completed by September.

Jose Luis Fuentes, an architect at Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, which is in charge of the project, said: “When you are on site, you see that the 3-meter high walls, compared to the scale of the monument, are absolutely not visible.

“It will really look as if the square (under the Eiffel Tower) was open.”

AP:Associated Press The famous landmark has also got a new metal barrier at two of the other ends of the structure

AP:Associated Press Architect Dietmar Feichtinger poses in front of a new security bulletproof glass barrier in Paris

Between six and seven million people visit the Eiffel Tower every year.

Fences were put up at the tower ahead of the Euro 2016 football tournament – but the city’s assistant mayor said the site needed further protection.

Jean-Francois Martins, the assistant mayor for tourism, said last year the wall would be designed to stop individuals or vehicles from storming the site.

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