Nigel Farage is docked half his salary by EU bosses for misusing public funds


NIGEL FARAGE is being docked half his salary for nine months over accusations he misspent EU cash.

The ex-Ukip chief, who describes himself as “skint”, will be forced to pay back a £35,500 “debt” to Brussels.

 Nigel Farage has to repay thousands of pounds to the EUReuters Nigel Farage has to repay thousands of pounds to the EU

Eurocrats clobbered the top Brexiteer, who earns £90,000 a year, after deciding his parliamentary assistant was actually working on party matters.

Last year they suspended the work contract of his aide, Christopher Adams, who was also responsible for selecting Ukip candidates in Britain.

A subsequent probe by parliamentary authorities concluded Mr Farage had diverted EU funds towards national political activities.

Euro beancounters will reclaim the cash by withholding half of his £7,535-a-month MEP salary between January and October.

 The former Ukip boss was accused of wrongdoingAP:Associated Press The former Ukip boss was accused of wrongdoing

A spokesman for the former leader accused EU officials of a “vindictive campaign” against eurosceptic politicians.

He fumed: “This allegation is all part of their politically motivated assault.”

The revelations came after Mr Farage was blasted by top Brexiteers, including those within his own party, over his remarks on a second referendum.

Ukip leader Henry Bolton said his former boss was “wrong” to suggest the Government should hold another vote on Brexit.

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