Nick Grimshaw Insists Nothing ‘at All’ Happened With Harry Styles After Rumours… As He Reveals He Was Mistaken For One Direction Star’s Dad


EVER since Nick Grimshaw became BFFs with Harry Styles, there have been unsubstantiated rumours that they were romantically involved.

So in the new episode of my podcast The Dan Wootton Interview – which you can subscribe to now for free on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts – I had to ask Grimmy straight if anything went on between the star pair.

On Dan Wootton’s podcast this week, Nick Grimshaw finally opened up abot the rumours he and Harry Styles had a relationship

And his response is so categorical it should put the rumours to rest once and for all.

Nick tells me: “No, no. Not at all. It was an odd, odd thing to happen. It wasn’t very weird at the time, it’s weirder now.

“At the time, you’re just getting on with your life and you’re doing the radio and just hanging out and you’re like, whatever.

“But it was weirder when he came on to do the solo stuff and I started doing my Harry research, writing questions and stuff, and when I Googled him I was like, ‘This is actually a thing.’”

BBC There have been rumours the pair were romantically involved ever since they became BFFs

But Grimmy, who is leaving his role as Radio 1 Breakfast Show host, has put the rumours to bed once and for all

Why did people assume they were a couple?

He answers: “It’s kind of crazy because we’d met and we just really got on.

“I don’t know if it’s because we were both Northern and had quite a similar sense of humour and because he was down in London and away from northerners and friends and family and we all just ended up hanging out together and getting on.

“I think that people assumed that because I was gay and he wears like floral shirts that he must be gay, and they were like they must be going out with each other.

“But I don’t know, it was something we never actually discussed together.”

Getty – Contributor Nick says he has no idea how the rumours started, describing them as ‘crazy’

Grimmy is switched BBC Radio jobs with Greg James, who will take his morning slot

Nick would rather be mistaken for Harry’s boyfriend than dad, but that’s what happened outside a shop’s changing room when a lady approached.

Nick, 33, recalls with horror: “She was like, ‘You must be proud of him.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I guess so…’ And she was like, ‘Are you his dad?’ I was like, ‘Oh no’. Nine years, nine years.”

For the moment, Nick still hasn’t found love, which he puts down to the breakfast show’s unsocial hours.

He says: “I don’t think I wanted a boyfriend before, I think I wanted one maybe as an accessory or something. Whereas now I think I want someone to be nice to me.”

Nick also opened up about the time he was embarrassed to be mistaken for Harry’s dad

Nick also told Dan that he would consider starting a family

As for the future, he’d consider having children, but is unlikely to tie the knot.

“I’m not crazy about marriage but I think babies, yeah,” he says.

They’ll have a cool Godfather in Harry.

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