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Netflix Original Shows Lure More New Subscribers Than Expected



– Netflix Inc’s (NFLX.O) blitz of new programming attracted a surprisingly high 7.4 million new customers from January to March, reassuring investors who are betting the video streaming pioneer’s massive spending will fuel growth around the world.

Shares of Netflix jumped more than 7 percent in after-hours trading on Monday to $330.30. They are up 65 percent this year.

Wall Street expected Netflix to add 6.5 million new subscribers, according to FactSet data. Netflix topped that and also said it would bring in 6.2 million more customers from April through June, one million more than analyst predictions.

Netflix is spending up to $8 billion on global TV shows and movies in 2018. As it has expanded to some 190 countries, investors accepted negative free cash flow in exchange for the potential of outsized growth in future years.


What Are The Rare Mcdonald’s Monopoly 2018 Pieces? From Strand And Mayfair To Park Lane



IF YOU want to win big on McDonald’s Monopoly 2018, you have to nab the highly-prized and very rare tickets.

These are the golden bits of property you need to be watching out for before you throw away last night’s boozy leftovers…

McDonald’s McDonald’s Monopoly is back for 2018 – and these are the rare tickets you need to keep your eyes peeled for

What are the rare stickers in McDonald’s Monopoly?

Within each group of properties for McDonald’s Monopoly, there is one rare sticker.

This is because you need a full set to bag the best prizes.

Guttingly, Maccies has slashed its prizes for 2018, making it harder than ever before to win big.

The number of holidays on offer has reduced from 200 to 20, and the number of games consoles from 500 to 400 (and they were already hard to come by last year!)

Alamy Maccies fans can bag £100,000 in cash or a Mini Cooper if they’re lucky

As any Monopoly pro knows, getting both dark blue properties is the best way to cash in on rent.

But, while there’s million of Pane Lane stickers doing the rounds, there are just FOUR of its partner in crime Mayfair.

This makes the odds of getting both stickers jaw droppingly low.

These are 2018’s rarest stickers, according to Money Saving Expert…

Win, don’t bin!

The rarest McDonald’s Monopoly stickers for 2018, and the prizes they count towards:

Mayfair (dark blue): four available, £100,000 in cash Bond Street (green): 20 available, including five instant wins, Mini Cooper Coventry Street (yellow): 20 available, Universal Orlando trip for four Strand (red): 500 available, including 100 instant wins, Xbox One X Marlborough Street (orange): 1,200 available, including 400 instant wins, £250 Red Letter Days voucher Northumberland Avenue (pink): 3,000 available, including 1,000 instant wins, Wireless speaker Euston Road (light blue): 14,600 available, including 2,600 instant wins, £30 Misguided voucher Liverpool Street Station (black): 13,000 available, including 3,000 instant wins, Now TV box & pass Old Kent Road (brown): 1.5 million available, McDonald’s medium extra value meal

If you win one of these coveted stickers, it should have info on it telling you how to claim your prize.

Some of them are instant wins, but others are collectable stickers – meaning you’ll have to bag a whole bunch to get ahead.

Alamy Mayfair is the rarest sticker out there, with just four to play for

How does McDonald’s Monopoly work?

You have until Tuesday May 1 to win Monopoly stickers.

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Morrisons Now Does ‘dirty’ Carbonara Fries And They Look Delicious



CHIPS and a creamy pasta dish are two of our favourite dishes – and now you can get the best of both worlds thanks to these supermarket Carbonara fries.

Morrisons is selling a packet of ready to eat potato chips that are smothered in a creamy, cheese sauce that is normally served on pasta.

Morrisons Morrisons dirty Carbonara fries cost £2.50 and serves two people

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Taste of America Dirty Carbonara Fries are topped with bacon lardons, regato cheese and a sprig of parsley.

Are you drooling yet? Because we know we are.

They’re new to Morrisons and are prepared and packaged in a metal sleeve so that you can put them straight into the oven to bake.

Each packet weighs 378g, serves two people and cost £2.50.

Morrisons The dish is new to Morrisons this year and combines chips with the pasta sauce

But if you’re watching your waist line the summer months, one packet contains a whopping 588 calories if you scoffed the lot yourself.

So half a packet – or one portion – contains 294 calories which is more than a McDonald’s Big Mac which contains 257.

If you were eating the fries as a whole meal that might not sound too bad, but chips are normally a side to your main so you might want to indulge in them every once in a while.

Because they’re fresh, they will keep in the fridge for four days or you can stick them in the freezer to cook later.

We can’t find anywhere else that sells this beautiful combination, but of course it will be cheaper if you made them yourself.

Even though you’ll need to cook them in the oven, they’re part of the BBQ range at Morrisons and they’re already in stores.

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Morrisons And Sainsbury’s Are Selling Pukka Pies For £1 – But They Won’t Be Around For Long



IT’S the convenient treat you keep stashed away for when you’re feeling peckish at home and now Pukka Pies are even more handy.

Now single the pies are being sold for just £1 in Morrisons and Sainbury’s – for a limited time only.

The chicken and mushroom Pukka Pie is one of the most popular in the line

The tasty pies usually retail at £1.65 and have had their prices knocked down as a part of a spring and summer deal.

Pies come in All Steak, Chicken and Gravy, Steak and Ale, Chicken and Mushroom and Minced Beef and onion.

Pukka Pies recently launched its “Posher Pie” range, with chicken, leek and pancetta and steak and porter ale taking their place alongside the traditional favourites.

Despite the premium branding, they don’t cost the Earth, with both retailing for a reasonable £2.50 – and both have already been a hit with pie fans.

Getty – Contributor Sainsbury’s have a range of deals on this summer across it’s products

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