Mum blasts neighbours who have NEVER even invited her in for a cup of tea… but come round to her house for parties twice a year


A WOMAN has blasted her neighbours for never inviting her into their home in over 10 YEARS.

The Mumsnet user took to the parenting forum to rant about her long-time neighbours not even

inviting her in for a cup of tea in all the years she’d lived next to them.

 The mum had often invited the neighbours round her own houseAlamy The mum had often invited the neighbours round her own house

She added that this was despite them enjoying her hospitality every year at parties.

She wrote: “For more than 10 years now, we host drinks for neighbours and local friends during the Christmas holidays.

“We also regularly have a summer drinks/bbq.

“Quite a few of our guests have therefore enjoyed our hospitality (including food and lots of drink) at least once or twice a year for a decade or so but they have never once invited us to anything – not even for a ‘Come in. Would you like a cuppa?’  when we have had to e.g. drop children off at their houses.

 The woman said that her neighbours hadn't even asked her in for a cuppaAlamy The woman said that her neighbours hadn’t even asked her in for a cuppa

“I don’t think it can be BO or bad breath because they obviously don’t mind being around us (as long as it’s at our house).

“In fact, this year we decided not to Christmas drinks and apparently several people were asking around if they had missed an invite.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable just asking ‘Hey, how come you never invite us round to yours’.

“So I thought I would check with strangers on the Internet first.”

Needless to say, many users were quick to wade in with their own opinions of the matter.

One person said: “Sounds like these ‘friends’ are riding the gravy train.”

Another added: “I do think it’s a bit off of them.”

Someone else wrote: “Because in all walks of life there are givers and takers.”

However, others reasoned that there may be a whole host of reasons for the neighbours not welcoming the woman into their home.

One such user wrote: “Maybe their house is messy, untidy or small and they are embarrassed about it. Maybe they have anxiety and find it stressful to host.

“Maybe they are shy. Maybe they have a shouty teen, incontinent relative, aggressive cat, barky dog living with them and feel it’s not a good environment for guests.

“Maybe they can’t afford the extra food and drink. Maybe they are not socially confident and were not brought up to have people round.

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