Mum ‘beat Toddler To Death With Extension Cable Because She Was Struggling With Potty Training’


A MUM beat her toddler to death with an extension cable because she was struggling with potty training, a court heard.

Erika Finley, 28, has been accused of murdering three-year-old Kimora Simon in 2015 with the help of her child’s father Khairy Simon, 27.

WNEM Erika Finley has been accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter

Investigators believe the pair killed Kimora together, before Khairy dumped her body on train tracks in Flint city.

Khairy pleaded guilty to second degree murder at a Michigan court on Tuesday. But after securing a plea agreement, he also agreed to testify against Erika.

He told the court, according to abc12: “I tried. I tried to stop her, but she’s domineering.

“She’s much bigger than me. And at the time, she felt like she had to get her point across.”

WNEM A Michigan court heard little Kimora Simon was buried on train tracks

WNEM Kimora’s dad Khairy has pleaded guilty to murder but insists he tried to stop Erika beating the child

Explaining reasons behind the deal, Genessee County Prosecutor David Leyton said: “We felt that she [Erika] was more complicit in the abuse, neglect and in the death of the child and the cover-up.”

Fears for Kimora’s safety were raised back in 2015 when police began to investigate if Kimora’s brother was being abused.

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