Mum, 34, Who Has Never Left The Country Is Told She Can’t Have A Passport To Take Kids Abroad


MOTHER aged 34 who has never left the country has been told she can’t have a passport take take her three lads abroad – because she’s foreign.

Joanna Banks has a Polish mother who never put her British father’s name on her birth certificate when born in Hull, East Yorks.

BBC Joanna Banks was left in tears after discovering she could not have a passport to take her children abroad

When she enquired about a passport for the summer holiday, officials said her nationality was from the east European country and must get a Polish passport.

Then, they added, she could pass a citizenship test costing £1,500 to become British.

Exasperated Joanna, who speaks with a broad Yorkshire accent, said: “I was in tears. I have been punished.

“I’ve never even left the country and wanted to take my three children abroad for the first time.

Getty – Contributor The mum-of-three has been told she can pass a £1,500 citizenship test or to apply for a Polish passport

“In my eyes I have always been British, born and bred in Hull. I can’t afford a citizenship test.”

She explained her mother Gener split from her father when she was pregnant but they later got back together and married – but he has since died.

Gener said: “She’s not even been in Poland.”

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