Miss Selfridge Pulls T-shirt From Shelves After Being Accused Of Ripping Off Cancer Sufferer’s Design


HIGH STREET chain Miss Selfridge was forced to pull a range of T-shirts off the shelves after being accused of ripping off designs by a cancer sufferer.

Lauren Mahon, 32, from London started selling boob-themed slogan t-shirts for charity after being unable to work during her treatment for breast cancer.

High Street chain Miss Selfridges have pulled a range of t-shirts off the shelves after a cancer sufferer who created a similar-styled product accused them of plagiarism

One of her best selling designs features a white T-shirt with bees printed on the breast area and a quarter of the proceeds from this range goes to charity – but Lauren was shocked when Miss Selfridge released a near-identical version.

Lauren has been successfully selling her inspirational clothing through her Instagram account and blog, Girl Vs Cancer and cash raised from selling the clothes to four different cancer charities.

But she has now been left “exhausted” and “heartbroken” after discovering Miss Selfridge were selling a copycat bee T-shirt.

Lauren posted online: “Getting stung again. Another day. Another high street rip off. It’s legit copycat f****** at it’s finest.

Lauren vented her fury at Miss Selfridge on Twitter

“Swipe across to see @MissSelfridge’s Bee Tee. Uncanny huh? Essentially my best selling tee but embroidered.

“Imitation may be the best form of flattery but not this. THIS hurts like a punch to the T*t. Sure the high street may be cheaper but it doesn’t have others at its heart.

“It doesn’t support not one but four cancer charities. Charitites that act as lifeline’s to peiple in cancer crisis.”

“Hope Phil Green realises his pockets are lined with money that should be going to support those in need.”

Lauren said that having her t-shirts ripped off felt like a ‘punch in the T*t’

The Miss Selfridge range feature an embroidered bee design on the breasts which is only slightly different to Lauren’s printed bee range.

The Arcadia-owned chain has now pulled the range off the shelves after Lauren flagged the similarities.

The company has called it a “genuine coincidence” and pledged to make a donation to charity in an online exchange with Lauren.

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