Microsoft Plans Budget Surface Tablets To Take On Apple’s £319 Ipad


MICROSOFT is readying a refreshed Surface tablet line-up to take on the cheaper iPad Apple launched in March.

The new slates could start from $400 (which should translate to £400 in the UK) and will land in the latter half of the year, according to Bloomberg.

Microsoft Microsoft’s Surface Pro currently costs £749

That’s still slightly more than the £319 Apple is charging for its newcomer aimed at students – but it’s a lot less than the £749 Surface Pro.

Microsoft‘s new slates will reportedly pack smaller 10-inch screens than its previous crop of tablets (which have ranged from 10.6-inch to 12.3-inch displays).

They’ll also ditch the square corners of Surface slates in favour of curved iPad-style edges and will be the first among the range to tout USB-C ports.

In terms of storage, you can expect 64GB and 128GB options, as well as an LTE version for 4G connections.

To make the baby tablets 20 percent lighter, Microsoft is reportedly shaving as much as four hours of battery life from the 13.5 hours you’d get from the Surface Pro.

Apple Apple’s cheaper, 9.7-inch iPad costs £319

The move will mark the company’s third stab at breaking the low-cost tablet market, after the failures that were the 2012 Surface RT and 2015 Surface 3.

Like Apple’s latest iPad, Microsoft is also planning to market the new devices at students and teachers in an effort to revive sales.

You can also expect a cheaper keyboard cover, stylus, and maybe even a mouse to go with the new tablets.

At £319, Apple’s new wallet-friendly iPad is considerably cheaper than its other slates, which start from £399 for the dinky iPad Mini 4 and go up to £769 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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