Meghan Markle is expected to be a guest at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's pre-Christmas dinner | The News Amed
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Meghan Markle is expected to be a guest at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s pre-Christmas dinner

MEGHAN Markle is expected to make her first official visit to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s pre-Christmas dinner. Prince Harry’s fianceé is also set to stay with Prince William and Kate over th…



MEGHAN Markle is expected to make her first official visit to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s pre-Christmas dinner.

Prince Harry’s fianceé is also set to stay with Prince William and Kate over the festive period.

The happy couple will be celebrating together at the Queens pre-Christmas dinner party

Getty Images – Getty 3 The happy couple will be celebrating together at the Queens pre-Christmas dinner party

The Queen holds a party around a week before Christmas at which the Royal Family dine together.

Royal officials are now preparing for Meghan to be at the gathering — to be held on December 19 or 20.

The American actress, 36 — who has met Her Majesty privately several times — is then likely to join the royals’ main festive celebrations at Sandringham, Norfolk, starting on Christmas Eve.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will stay at their nearby country retreat, Anmer Hall — popping over to Sandringham to spend time with the rest of the family.

The Queen has already been acquainted with Ms Markle

AP:Associated Press 3 The Queen has already been acquainted with Ms Markle

It is rumoured that Meghan will be staying as a guest of William and Kate at Amner Hall

Reuters 3 It is rumoured that Meghan will be staying as a guest of William and Kate at Amner Hall


Euromillions Results For Tuesday February 20 – Was The Lottery Won Last Night And Where Can I Check My Ticket Numbers?




TUESDAY night’s £141million EuroMillions draw had no jackpot winner – so it rolls over to a massive £154million on Friday.

It could catapult one lucky punter to the second biggest prize ever in Britain. Here’s what you need to know.

AFP – Getty Nobody won Tuesday’s £141m Euromillions draw, so the prize will be even bigger on Friday

Did anyone win the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday?

The Euromillions draw on Tuesday February 20 had an estimated jackpot of £141million.

If a British ticket won it would have been the third biggest ever lottery prize in the UK.

But no one matched all five numbers and two lucky stars.

Although no one scooped the top prize, there were also two UK Millionaire Maker raffle winners.

Six tickets, including four in the UK, matched five numbers and one lucky star. They each won £169,512.60.

Seven British punters won £11,280.40 each for matching five numbers.

The smallest prize, for matching two numbers, was £2.60.

In total 700,962 UK tickets won prizes totalling £5,597,142.20.

How can I check if I’ve won the EuroMillions?

The numbers drawn on Tuesday were 06, 14, 19, 25 and 29. The lucky stars were 05 and 11.

You can check results for any draw in the last six months at the National Lottery’s Check My Numbers website.

Or you can go to any shop that sells Lottery tickets. They will scan yours and tell you if it’s a winner.

James Glossop – The Times Glasgow Colin and Chris Weir won £161million on the EuroMillions in 2011 – the biggest lottery win in the UK

How much is the rollover jackpot on Friday?

The estimated jackpot for the EuroMillions draw on Friday February 23 is £154million.

And it may be higher as millions rush to buy tickets in a lotto frenzy.

If a Brit wins it would be the second biggest ever prize in this country.

Scots couple Colin and Chris Weir won £161million on the EuroMillions in 2011 – the biggest lottery win in the UK.

Among their first purchases were a checked sports jacket, a computer and a tractor.

They also splashed out on a mansion near Largs but then traded it up for an even bigger pad in Troon.

The second winners biggest so far were Adrian and Gillian Bayford who split after scooping £148million in 2012.

Ex-postie Adrian has reinvented himself as a farmer and keeps cattle on the front lawn of his £6million country house in Suffolk.

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Eight Key Questions About Jeremy Corbyn’s Communist Links Which He Still Refuses To Answer




JEREMY CORBYN last night lashed out at the press for reporting on his Communist links – but still ignored key questions about his past.

The Labour leader threatened the media in a video rant shared with his followers online.

Jeremy Corbyn has lashed out at revelations of his Communist links

But he did not address a number of questions thrown up by The Sun’s revelations that he hobnobbed with a Commie spy in the 1980s.

Here we challenge Mr Corbyn to come clean on the details of his connection with the Soviet bloc in the Cold War.

1) Why did you agree to meet Czechoslovakian “diplomat” Jan Sarkocy?

The Sun last week unearthed files which show Mr Corbyn met a supposed diplomat from Czechoslovakia three times in 1986 and 1987.

UPP:Universal Pictorial Press and Agency The Labour leader met with a Communist spy in the 1980s Jeremy Corbyn slams papers over their reporting of his involvement with Czechoslovakian spy and says they’ve gone ‘a bit James Bond’

Jan Sarkocy – then known as Jan Dymic – was in fact a spy for his country’s security service, the StB.

The Labour leader, who was a backbench MP at the time, admitted that the pair met but claimed he didn’t know Mr Sarkocy was a spy.

Many experts have said he should have known that most Eastern European diplomats were actually spooks – and his ally Barry Gardiner admitted today that MPs often meet embassy staff whom they believe to be spies.

2) How was your first meeting arranged?

StB files showed that Mr Corbyn and Mr Sarkocy were introduced by a pair of far-left British activists.

Tony Gilbert and Sandra Hodgson apparently helped to set up their meeting in the House of Commons, and then attended the get-together.

Nick Obank – The Sun Jan Sarkocy met the Labour leader and tried to recruit him

But it is not known what they told Mr Corbyn about the “diplomat” he was to meet – or how they convinced him to make time for the Communist official.

3) How many times did you meet?

Mr Corbyn says he only recalls one meeting with Mr Sarkocy, on November 25, 1986.

But the files describe two more meetings – one on July 3, 1987 and another on October 24 of that year.

And Mr Sarkocy told his superiors the MP “showed interest in further meetings” with him.

The Labour leader should look over his past diaries and reveal exactly how many times he spoke to the “diplomat”.

EPA Mr Corbyn has refused to answer key questions

4) What did you talk about with him?

In his statement last week, Mr Corbyn gave no details of the conversations he held with Mr Sarkocy.

The StB archives suggest they spoke about human rights and his anti-American beliefs.

If he opened up about the content of their discussions, it would help voters decide whether the meeting was in fact legitimate.

5) Why did you pass information on British intelligence to Jan Sarkocy?

Mr Corbyn’s file in the archives shows he gave Mr Sarkocy information on MI5’s crackdown against Communist intelligence.

He reportedly handed over a copy of a newspaper article about a bungled probe on a Stasi agent, and warned the security services were likely to step up operations.

The Labour leader didn’t deny passing on the tip-off – but refused to explain why he wanted Mr Sarkocy to have the information.

Mercury Press Margaret Thatcher kicked Jan Sarkocy out of Britain

6) Did you inform the security services about your meeting after he was exposed as a spy?

In May 1989 – less than three years after he first met Mr Corbyn – Jan Sarkocy was exposed as a Communist spy and ordered to leave Britain.

He was one of four “diplomats” from Czechoslovakia and the USSR who were kicked out of the UK by Margaret Thatcher.

After this point Mr Corbyn could have been in no doubt about the identity of the man he’d hosted in the Commons.

But he hasn’t said whether he contacted the security services to let them know he’d been speaking to a spy.

7) Did you meet any other Communist “diplomats” during the Cold War?

Mr Corbyn’s links to Mr Sarkocy only came to light – more than three decades after the fact – thanks to determined digging in the Czech archives.

AFP or licensors Mr Corbyn invited the spy into Parliament at least once

Not all post-Soviet countries are as open about their past, meaning it is harder to probe the history of their spy agencies.

If Mr Corbyn met any more spies posing as diplomats from countries such as the USSR or Poland, it may remain hidden unless he reveals it.

8) Will you ask the German authorities to release all files about you from the Stasi secret police?

Officials from the German archives have previously said the feared Stasi, the East German secret police, compiled a file on Jeremy Corbyn.

Other archive workers suggested this week that no such file exists – but the full truth can’t be released without Mr Corbyn’s permission.

Only the Labour leader himself can authorise the officials to publish any information they hold about him.

It is not believed he has ever spoken to the archives to find out the contents of their files.

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Corbyn Forgets To Ask A Question – But Luckily For Him, The Pm’s All Out Of Zingers Just Like Kfc




JEREMY CORBYN does not like answering questions – as we have learnt this week over the rumbling row over why he met with a Czech spy in the 1980s.

But once again it seems he does not like asking them either.

PA:Press Association Jeremy Corbyn pretending to yawn during PMQs

For the second time this year the Leader of the Opposition, who gets a box office chance once a week to ask the Prime Minister questions, forgot to ask a question.

The clue is in the title of the session.

Yet luckily for the red leader, the PM was willing to give him a pass.

More than a week after The Sun revealed Mr Corbyn had met a Soviet-backed agent at the height of the Cold War, today could have a deeply bruising outing for the Labour leader.

PA:Press Association Theresa May tried out a joke during the Commons session

But Mrs May waited right until the last possible moment in their weekly bout to mention the subject.

“Normally the right honourable gentleman comes to this house and asks me to sign blank cheques, now I know he likes Czechs but really?”

The Tory benches loved it, but really?

KFC may be shut this week, but it seemed the PM was all out of zingers too.

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