Lush Slammed For Bizarre New Anti-police Campaign That Accuses Cops Of ‘lying’ And ‘spying’ On People


THE luxury cosmetics chain Lush has been slammed for a bizarre new campaign criticising police officers which accuses them of being “paid to lie” and “spying”.

Known for selling bath products and “gourmet” soap, the high street chain took a strange step in launching a campaign yesterday which will last until June 18, seeking to highlight the “intrusive, abusive, political policing in the UK”.

Alamy The cosmetics store, which sells bars of soap and ‘bath bombs’ for £4.95 each, has launched a bizarre new anti-police campaign

Bosses at the store – which sells bars of soap and “bath bombs” priced a £4.95 each – are apparently seeking to expose cops who have investigated activists in Britain over the years.

Lush says it wants to “pressure the government” and make it “more effective at uncovering the truth into this human rights scandal.”

They add that the campaign will be backed in stores across Britain, as well as on its website and social media feeds.

Material in the campaign features mocked-up police tape, with slogans that read: “Police spies out of lives” and “Spied on for taking a stand”.

The campaign features at the top of the Lush website

Alamy Social media users have slammed the store, telling them: ‘As if the police don’t have enough to put up with!’

Twitter via Storyful A former cop slammed the high street chain on social media

Customers are also being urged…

Tell your friends and family about the #spycops Take one of the ‘Spied Upon for Taking a Stand?’ badges in store, and start some conversations Sign an online petition Attend a gathering in Glasgow on June 23 to launch a Scottish anti-police campaign

However on social media users have been bemused by the store’s campaign, sharing images of how it is being featured in store windows.

Twitter via Storyful The curious campaign is seen featured in a store window

Former cop Peter Kirkham said: “Your anti police advertising campaign is an utter disgrace.

“It stereotypes ALL police officers as corrupt & includes some fundamental misrepresentations of the facts.

“I trust that you will never again seek police assistance if you are the victims of crime.”

Cath Williams wrote: “Quite frankly I’m appalled at this. I’m definitely going to be giving Lush a very wide berth from now.”

The Lush website also features Jeremy Corbyn

Ann Barnes added: “Thanks Lush now I have to explain to my friend who isn’t on social media why she won’t be getting her usual Lush birthday presents next month.

“As if the police don’t have enough to put up with!”

Several users have started a #FlushLush hashtag in a bid to convince users to ditch the store.

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