Love Island’s Alex George Has Explosive Row With Eyal Booker After Model Snogs Megan Hanson Barton again


DOCTOR Alex George will come to blows with Eyal Booker after he appeared to catch him kissing Megan Hanson Barton who admitted fancying him just moments earlier.

At the end of tonight’s show, viewers raged as they saw Megan lock lips with Eyal after hinting to Alex that she had made the wrong decision.

Megan sneakily kissed Eyal after telling Alex she fancied him

Earlier Islanders Adam Collard and Charlie Frederik set Alex a mission to get his chance with Megan by launching Operation Do More.

The pair distracted Eyal away from Megan, allowing Alex to try and win her back after she failed to pick him in the recoupling.

During the chat, Megan admitted to Alex that she was worried she had made a mistake in choosing Eyal.

Alex couldn’t stop smiling when Megan touched his leg as they flirted while Eyal was being asked stupid questions by the naughty twosome.

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But it looked like Alex had spotted them from upstairs

She tried to pull away after hearing Alex was about to come downstairs

Adam said: “I don’t know how me and Charlie pulled it off. Mission accomplished. Now it is in that boy’s hands.”

But as Alex ran upstairs to fill Jack Fincham in about putting the moves on Megan, she was downstairs snogging Eyal.

One furious fan said: “Broke my heart knowing Alex and Jack were upstairs BUZZING off Megan saying she liked him meanwhile Megan is downstairs kissing Eyal knowing Alex is gonna see any second…”

Another said: “Not a fan how Eyal and Megan always happen to kiss in front of Alex, but “they don’t mean to do it”. You’re not fooling anyone Eyal.”
Someone else said: “As much as I’m rooting for Alex, he deserves so much more than someone who’s going to lead him on & kiss someone else 5 minutes later 🤷🏻‍♀️ #loveisland⁠”.

In a teaser clip from tomorrow night’s show, Alex has an explosive row with Eyal as the pair lock horns over the girl they both fancy.

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