Love Island Releases Hilarious New Trailer Featuring Caroline Flack And Some References Fans Will Immediately Get


THE latest Love Island trailer is jam-packed with references to Britain’s favourite TV show.

The new clip has been done in the style of in-flight safety video, with host Caroline Flack dressed as pilot to introduce it.

ITV Caroline Flack introduces the VIDEO

Fans of the show will easily spot all of the famous phrases and slogans from the hit ITV2 show, which pop up in the clip,

Comedic narrator Iain Stirling then runs through the cheeky video which is in cartoon form, and says: “Please ensure all loose items are stowed immediately.

“Due to muggy conditions turbulence is to be expected so your seatbelt should remain buckled at all times.

ITV Cheeky references to Love Island sayings are made throughout the clip

ITV The cheeky clip was released as the launch date draws nearer

“In the likely event of a Flack Attack, please don your couples’ life vests.

“Single passengers must swiftly make their way to the nearest exit.

“Please little bit leave everything else.” – (in reference to Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes rap song)

He goes on: “We advise you take a moment to note your emergency exit options.

“Please familiarise yourself with the safety card, located in the seat pocket in front of you.

ITV Even Chris Hughes gets a mention – sort of

“In a few moments your on board squad will be passing through the cabin.

“Nuts anyone?

Thank you for listening, and remember our exclusive Love Island Airways entertainment is available throughout your flight.”

It is still not known who will be entering the villa

The latest trailer comes shortly after new pics of Caroline in the sexy captain’s outfit were released ahead of Love Island’s long-awaited return.

The teaser images followed a report that Love Island bosses will enforce strict new rules on contestants when the show returns.

ITV Caroline dons a pilot uniform as she promotes the return of Love Island

According to The Mirror, the policies will include a ban on drunken sex, masturbation and even nudity.

While bed-hopping after a couple of glasses of wine has been the norm in previous series, it’s claimed contestants will now have to sober up before any romping.

And even if a frisky moment does arise, it’s said the residents will not be allowed to be completely naked in front of their co-stars – ever.

In fact, even when washing in the shower contestants must ensure they are not totally starkers.

The decision is supposedly because everywhere in the villa is considered a public space and most will be well aware that stripping off in public isn’t OK.

ITV Caroline smiled at the camera as she returns to the cockpit for the popular dating show

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