Love Island Fans Furious After Megan Barton Hanson Chooses Eyal Booker Over Dr Alex George


LOVE Island fans were furious tonight when Megan Barton Hanson chose Eyal Booker over Dr Alex George in the recoupling.

As the contestants nervously gathered around the fire pit, the girls chose who they wanted to pair up with after Niall Aslam left the show.

ITV2 Megan chose to couple up with Eyal on tonight’s Love Island

But viewers were disappointed when Megan didn’t choose the A&E doctor, who had fought to get her attention.

Instead he chose Eyal, who enraged fans last night for snogging Megan in front of Alex last night.

One fan raged: “WHY DIDNT MEGAN PICK ALEX????? Ragin #LoveIsland”.

Another said: “Megan is the biggest disappointment of 2018 #LoveIsland”

ITV2 Alex was left disappointed when he failed to get the girl he wanted

One said: “When can we vote Megan and Eyal out??? #LoveIsland”.

Someone else added: “Is Megan serious she chose Eyal over Alex😱😟💔 #loveisland.”

Another person added: “Megan has mugged Alex off and Rosie doesn’t even get a choice, brilliant.”

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A furious fan said: “Megan. What are you doing! Bad decision #loveisland”.

Later in the show Megan appeared regretful of the decision, as she admitted to still fancying Alex.

She said: “I just have to hope no girl comes into the villa for Alex. I know that’s greedy.”

Her comment didn’t do her any favours with the fans.

ITV2 Megan went on to say she still fancied Alex as she worried about making the wrong choice

One said: “Can’t believe Megan hopes a girl doesnt come in and choose Alex just so she can have a back up plan 😡#LoveIsland.”

Another raged: “Got a feeling Megan’s gonna change her mind.. She’s already having doubts🤔🤔 #LoveIsland @LoveIsland.”
Someone else said: “#loveisland Megan didn’t pick Alex to couple up with but doesn’t want any girl to come in and fancy him wtf you’ve missed your chance with him.”

Eyal went over to Alex to make amends, explaining it “wasn’t to disrespect you”.

Alex didn’t appear to hold any bad feelings as he shooked Eyal’s hand before turning in for the night.

But he later told Jack, Eyal’s kiss with his love interest made him feel “like c**p”.


Chatting to Megan after the recoupling, Eyal said: “I had no idea you were going to pick me.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ve kissed, but I’ve seen you deliberating and chatting to Alex today so I wanted to give you space for you to do you.”

The pair then shared a kiss together – this time in private.

Elsewhere, Dani Dyer chose Jack Fincham, Laura Anderson coupled up with Wes Nelson, Hayley Hughes went for Charlie Frederik, Georgia Steel chose Josh Denzel and Alex ended up with Samira Mighty.

Today Eyal’s brother Ariel revealed his family have received death threats after his awkward kiss with Megan last night.

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