Lewisham East By-election Sees Labour’s Janet Daby Win Majority – After Just 33 Per Cent Turn Out To Vote


LABOUR’S Janet Daby has won the Lewisham East by-election – with just 33 per cent of voters turning out at polling stations.

The newly-elected MP told constituents she felt “humbled” and “delighted” after the results were announced in the early hours of this morning.

Twitter Labour’s Janet Daby has won the Lewisham East by-election

In her acceptance speech she said her victory in south east London meant “we will not tolerate an extreme Brexit in Lewisham East”.

She said: “We refuse to stand by and let a Tory government devastate our schools, our health service and our housing.”

The vote was triggered by former Labour MP Heidi Alexander’s decision to quit Westminster to take up a job with London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Ms Alexander had a massive majority of 21,213 in the south-east London constituency at the 2017 general election.

Twitter Janet Daby with London mayor Sadiq Khan – whose new employee Heidi Alexander’s departure triggered the by-election

AFP or licensors Former Labour MP Heidi Alexander’s resignation triggered the by-election in Lewisham East

The Conservatives finished second in 2017 with the Liberal Democrats a distant third.

The official turnout has been announced by officials as 33.4 per cent – well below the 69 per cent who voted in the 2017 general election.

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