Kim Kardashian Hugs Alice Johnson As She Sees Drugs Gran For First Time Since Donald Trump’s Pardon


THIS is the heartwarming moment Kim Kardashian embraced the grandmother she helped be freed from prison.

Great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson was jailed for life on a first-time drug offence but found an unlikely ally in the American star, who petitioned Donald Trump to pardon her.

Splash News Kim Kardashian and Alice Johnson pose for pictures moments after meeting for the first time

Days ago, the ecstatic great-grandmother was filmed sprinting into her loved ones’ arms hours after Donald Trump agreed to pardon her life sentence.

Her release was spear-headed by Kim, who had a meeting with Trump two weeks ago at the White House after championing the 63-year-old’s cause.

New images show the moment Johnson thanked the reality star for her work with a warm embrace as the pair posed for commemorate photos.

The pair met at Johnson’s house in Memphis, Tennessee.

Splash News The reality star was accompanied by TV crews and photographers when she visited the gran

Kardashian, dressed in black trousers and a khaki top, is seen putting her arm around Johnson, as the pair beamed with happiness.

The emotive first ever meeting between the pair was documented by TV crews and a team of photographers, who were on hard to capture the moment forever.

Johnson spent more than two decades behind bars and was not eligible for parole after being convicted for a first-time drugs offence in 1993.

Splash News A member of Kim’s entourage embraces the freed gran who was jailed in 1997

Splash News A member of Kim’s entourage follows the reality star into Johnson’s home in Memphis

Great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, 63, was arrested alongside 15 others on drug charges and jailed in 1997.

Ten of her co-defendants testified against her and received sentences from no jail time to ten years.

Despite it being her first offence, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

“I acknowledge that I have done wrong,” she once said. “I made the biggest mistake of my life to make ends meet and got involved with people selling drugs.”

During her time in prison, she appealed to President Barack Obama three times, but her pleas for clemency were rejected.

Enterprise News and Pictures The moment Johnson ran towards her family after being released from prison after 21 years

Johnson’s story made national headlines last year when Kim Kardashian tweeted about her to her 60million followers.

A petition calling for her release gathered more than 260,000 signatures and after speaking with Kim on what was Johnson’s birthday, Trump issued a pardon for her drugs offences.

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