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Kim Jong-un Is Ready To Unleash Army Of Super-smart Computer Hacking Spies On The West



KIM Jong-un is set to unleash a new generation of super-smart computer hacking spies on the West.

He’s recruited graduates from a top military academy trained in cyber warfare to move abroad to rake in cash for the regime by mounting raids on financial institutions.

Reuters Kim Jong-un and his wife recently went to the ballet in Pyongyang

And they will work in plum jobs in North Korean embassies abroad as part of their cover.

The hermit state has missions in most major countries – including the UK – and the spies will also keep tabs on defectors.

Website Daily NK revealed: “The North Korean authorities are looking towards young graduates of prestigious Mangyongdae Revolutionary Academy’s ‘hackers’ program to recruit the country’s next generation of foreign agents.

“Distinct from the recruitment of domestically-stationed anti-espionage agents from Security University and Political Security University, the individuals recruited from the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Academy will be stationed abroad.

Reuters The North Korean ruler is believed to be recruiting a new generation of computer hackers

Students of the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Academy are required to have pristine songbun (class ranking denoted by family history and political loyalty) as children of high-ranking officials or descendants of revolutionary fighters.

All students are required to live in dormitories as they receive education within the military, but they are known to be treated extremely well and usually go on to important positions in the military or other special government units.”

The children of central party bosses are preferred candidates for overseas positions as they are considered ideologically pure and less likely to defect.

Reuters The aim of the hackers is said to be to raid financial institutions in the West

Reuters The intention is said to place the hackers abroad

Reuters Kim is said to put an emphasis on cyber capabilities and has already launched operations against South Korea

Yu Dong Yeol, director of the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy, told Daily NK that North Korean foreign agents are “expected to carry out sensitive assignments to collect information or conduct cyber operations to earn foreign currency, so they have to meet a particularly high ideological standard.”

Analysts believe Kim Jong-un has placed a priority on the country’s cyber capabilities since coming to power and has launched hacking operations against South Korea and other international targets.

The North’s use of cyberwarfare capabilities is considered an efficient way in which Kim Jong-un is able to assert the country’s power, achieving significant results through relatively cheap and low-risk operations.


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