Jeremy Kyle Show Viewers Shocked After Guest Admits Stealing Bracelet From A Friend Who Offered Her A Kidney


JEREMY Kyle viewers witness the ultimate betrayal during today’s episode after a lie detector test revealed a guest had stolen from a friend who offered her kidney to her.

Desperate to find out if her friend was behind her missing Pandora bracelet, Irene admitted she considered giving pal Fiona her kidney before the “sentimental” piece of jewellery went missing.

ITV Jeremy Kyle viewers were shocked when it was revealed a woman had stolen from a friend who had offered her kidney to her

While Fiona insisted she hadn’t touched her friend’s bracelet – and accused Irene’s daughter Sammy of being the culprit – Irene said she had her suspicions because her friend had stolen in the past.

Despite Fiona flat out denying that she had thieved, Irene’s daughter Katie accused her of cooking them a slap-up meal with money she’d obtained from a stolen credit card.

“I didn’t!” Fiona protested, but things only went from bad to worse for the guest as she was later outed as the one who stole Irene’s bracelet during a girls’ holiday to Benidorm.

“This test says you’re a liar love,” Jeremy told her, before Fiona hit back: “I did not sell it,” after Katie accused her of flogging it for cash.

ITV Fiona insisted she hadn’t taken Irene’s bracelet but was later outed as a liar

ITV Irene said her friend had pinched the bracelet during a girls’ holiday to Bendidorm

Viewers quickly joked about the outcome on Twitter, with one writing: “That’s the kidney up the spout then #jeremykyle.”

Another added: “#jeremykyle What sad woman! Dodgie kidney & no friends after that result.”

In a hilarious twist, the show also saw Irene admit to stealing Fiona’s earrings – though she insisted she only took them to persuade Fiona to give her bracelet back.

After Jeremy accused her of being just as bad as her lying friend, she said: “No, I only took it so that I could say, ‘Right, you give me back my bracelet and you can have your earrings back.”

Twitter Viewers quickly joked about the outcome on Twitter

ITV Irene reluctantly handed back the earrings she was going to offer Fiona in a trade

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