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Israeli Government Ends Feud That Sparked Snap Election Talk




Mum ‘threw Four-year-old Son Off Balcony Then Jumped To Her Death After Losing Custody Battle’




A DEVASTATED mum threw her four-year-old son off a balcony then jumped to her death after losing a custody battle over him, it’s reported.

The bodies of the 25-year-old woman, named as Anastasia, and her son Misha were found by horrified dad Andrey Yekimov, 33, outside his flat in St Petersburg, Russia.

Central European News The woman, named as Anastasia, is pictured in happier times with her then husband Andrey Yekimov and son Misha

She is understood to have gone to see her ex-husband when he told her he was about to take their son for a haircut and she asked to come.

Mr Yekimov says he agreed and Anastasia walked the boy to the lift while he locked the door, but he was surprised to find they weren’t waiting there and assumed they had already gone down.

He said he only realised what had happened when he took the lift down and discovered their bodies lying on the ground outside.

It’s believed his ex-wife had taken the boy to a communal balcony and hurled him off, before immediately jumping after him.

Central European News Four-year-old Misha was thrown from a communal balcony before his horrified dad found his body

Central European News Anastasia is said to have carried out the ‘murder suicide’ after losing custody of her son

Central European News Little Misha has been cared for by his father since he was two and his parents got divorced

Russian media reports that Anastasia carried out the murder-suicide in a “revenge-fuelled bitter rage” at having lost her husband and son.

Mr Yekimov was reportedly so shocked that he could not move, and passers-by called emergency services.

Police and an ambulance arrived but paramedics confirmed both the mum and son had died at the scene.

Mr Yekimov married Anastasia four years ago, then divorced her two years later, and the court decided to leave the boy with his father.

Central European News Anastasia apparently lost custody of her son after she began developing an alcohol problem

Central European News Anastasia died at the scene alongside her son, who she is believed to have thrown from the balcony first

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Civil War Treasure Hunters Race To Pennsylvania Forest Rumoured To Contain Millions After The Fbi Begin Mysterious Excavation




TREASURE hunters armed with metal detectors and spades are flocking to a tiny rural town in search of a rumoured £35 MILLION fortune in Civil War gold.

A mysterious FBI dig at the sleepy site has prompted the latest gold rush and if local legend is true the haul would rank among the biggest modern-day discoveries of lost treasure.

Katie Weidenboerner/The Courier-Express via AP An FBI tent covers a section of land where the FBI began its mysterious dig

Interest in the gold – said to have been buried or lost in a Pennsylvania forest more than 150 years ago – spiked after FBI agents were at the site last week.

Jim Burke, from the local Mt. Zion Historical Society, has been searching for the lost gold for more than 30 years.

The 79-year-old told The Sun Online: “Everyone is shocked with all this activity. This took place over three or four days.

“There have been numerous people looking for the gold. They come with metal detectors in the woods, looking for where the gold would be.

The agency has refused to say what it was looking for

Local legend says there is £35 million of lost Civil War gold hidden somewhere in the forest

The gold is said to have been lost somewhere near Dents Run while being transported northeast across Pennsylvania

“If there is a lost gold shipment out there somebody’s been very, very, close to finding it.”

Asked if he had suspicions about where the gold might be, Jim said: “I don’t want to give up my honey holes.”

The race to discover the lost gold of Dents Run, Pennsylvania, ramped up last week when scores of FBI officers descended on the forest and began a court-authorised dig.

And speculation the agents knew the gold’s location only intensified when they refused to reveal why they were there.

Alamy Soldiers fire cannons during the American Civil War

Alamy The gold was said to be lost a month before the famous Battle of Gettysburg

Local legend states the gold was hidden in a convoy of wagons with false bottoms while being transported from Wheeling, Western Virginia to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1863.

This cargo was being moved to avoid the armies of Confederates’ general Robert E. Lee, and was a secret to everyone in the convoy except its leader Lieutenant Castleton.

It was to be used to pay troops massing ahead of what would become the Battle of Gettysburg and he was ordered to take a roundabout route northeast in a bid to avoid Confederate advances.

Alamy Soldiers lie dead following the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863

But during the journey Castleton fell ill, and while delirious with fever, revealed to his second in command and handful of troops the true nature of their cargo.

What supposedly happened next varies. Some say the group decided to hide the gold with the intention of reclaiming it, others say they were attacked and the gold was lost.

But none of the soldiers were ever seen again.

Ever since, amateur sleuths and treasure hunters have flocked to the region with metal detectors in a bid to find it.

Facebook Treasure hunter Dennis Parada pictured during a previous dig for the gold

Facebook His group has spent 13 years working in the forest at a site he’s sure once contained the gold

The FBI said on Monday that its “court-authorised excavation” didn’t yield any results. It also refused to reveal what it was searching for, saying it was related to an “ongoing investigation”.

However, Dennis Parada, from the local Finders Keepers organisation, claimed the FBI was staying tight-lipped about a discovery of gold to protect its investigation.

He said: “It was there, it’s gone now. We’re pretty much sure it’s been removed but the FBI wouldn’t let us on site when they were up there so for two days we had sat in our cars.

Facebook He claims the gold has now been taken – and is worth a fortune

“Nobody was allowed around that site, they locked the whole mountain down. The investigation is something that’s happened in the last couple of years, it’s related to what happened up there.

“We’ve been there for 13 years, working at the site. It’s a cave and we’ve been in the cave for many years. There are two skeletons, we found ruins, we found artefacts that proved the gold was there.”

Jim added: “I think that the government has a classified file on this that we can’t get our hands on. I can understand why the government wants to cover it up. That gold still belongs to the government.”

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‘i Was Forced To Marry My Rapist Aged Just 11 After He Got Me Pregnant At 9’: Inside America’s Shocking Child Marriage Epidemic




SHERRY sat shaking – she was frightened, confused and alone.  Just eight-years-old, the bishop of her mother’s church had made her lie down on his bed, pulled her skirt up and brutally raped her.

The youngster finally got up and had to walk to school, traumatised and in terrible pain – and too embarrassed to tell anyone what happened.

Sherry Johnson Sherry Johnson on her wedding day, aged 11

Shockingly it wouldn’t be the first time – just weeks later little Sherry was raped by her stepfather and then again by the church’s deacon until – at the tender age of nine – she fell pregnant.

Sherry was the daughter of the assistant “church mother” and her stepfather was the assistant pastor at a very strict Apostolic Christian church in Tampa, Florida.

Women had to wear hats and long sleeves, no jewellery or trousers, and were told what to say and do by church elders.

She had tried to tell her mother about the abuse, but it fell on deaf ears.

Too young to know where babies come from

It was a school teacher who noticed the youngster’s growing belly and sent her to the school nurse for a checkup.

Sherry was six months pregnant, age 10 – and too young to even understand where babies came from.

Her mother was furious – not with her daughter’s abusers, but with Sherry – and began making arrangements to have her daughter married to the deacon – who had been the last man to abuse Sherry.

When the time came to give birth, Sherry was dropped off at the hospital and left to have her baby alone.

She recalls how she sat wondering how or where the baby would come out of her.

Soon after the terrified youngster gave birth – she also became a wife.

Sherry Johnson Sherry with one of her nine children Child marriage in the US: the facts

– Child marriage is legal in 50 states

– 207,468 children were married in the US between 2000 and 2015

– 25 states, including California, Nevada, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have no minimum age for a child to marry

– In most states the minimum marriage age is 18 – but exceptions in each of these states allow those younger than 18 to marry with parental consent and/or judicial approval

– Three 10-year-old girls were married to men aged, 24, 25 and 31 in Tennessee in 2001

– A 14-year-old girl married a 74 year-old man in Alabama, according to official state statistics

– In New Jersey alone 3,500 children were married between 1995 and 2012

“I gave birth to my daughter at the age of 10″, Sherry told Sun Online.

“Was it horrifying having a child so young? Yes it was. It was devastating. It was a situation in my life that I didn’t know exactly what to do – I was still a child myself.

“Then I was forced to marry my rapist at the age of 11.”

The bishop and Sherry’s mother managed to persuade a judge in Pinellas County, Florida, to grant a marriage license and at 11, Sherry was taken to church and forced to marry her 20-year-old rapist.

Sherry Johnson Sherry’s mother forced her to get married to her 20-year-old rapist

Sherry remembers her mother showed no excitement or emotion on her wedding day – but she did make her a pretty white dress, a veil and a cake.

The wedding was a small, quiet affair, with just a handful of guests. Heartbreakingly, although Sherry was nervous, she trusted that her mother knew best.

“I found a little bit of security in the marriage because my mother told me to do it – so I thought there must have been something OK with it.’

Sadly there was nothing OK about Sherry’s marriage.

Her husband was emotionally abusive and repeatedly got her pregnant, left her, then returned after the baby was born and impregnated her again.

By the age of 19 she had six children.

Sherry Johnson Sherry’s application for a marriage license clearly states her age

CNN Sherry now dedicates her life to campaigning for tighter marriage laws

A stolen childhood

“I certainly missed out on a whole lot – I don’t know what it’s like to have a prom night or anything like that,” she said.

“I liked school but I wasn’t even able to go because of the pregnancies.”

“My married life was just horrible. I was dealing with a situation with my rapist who would get me pregnant every year and then leave me.

America’s shocking child bride epidemic

Read more harrowing stories from child marriage survivors in Sun Online’s heart-wrenching series

Ava: ‘I was picked up from school, taken to the courthouse and married at just 13‘.

Naila: ‘I was engaged at 8, married at 15 then repeatedly raped by my husband’.

Angel: ‘I was 13 when my mum made me get married in our living room – then she told us to have sex in a room next door’.

“Then he’d come back and I’d get pregnant again so that was terrifying for a young child to deal with over and over again.”

Eventually Sherry’s husband left her and was eventually jailed for failing to pay child support.

Sherry had already looked into getting a divorce but could not afford the $75 (£53) fee.

Once her husband was jailed she got some legal aid so she could afford an attorney who arranged a divorce.

Bizarrely, although she’d been deemed old enough to marry seven years ago, Sherry wasn’t eligible to divorce until she was 18 – but she was given special dispensation and divorced her husband at 17.

AP Sherry was instrumental in helping to pass a bill raising the minimum marriage age in Florida

The trouble continued

Sherry’s anguish wasn’t over when she divorced her husband either, as she ended up marrying two further times, and being subjected to vile abuse in both marriages.

“I ended up repeating the same cycle two more times – I ended up marrying abusers not recognising that they were abusers at the time.

“The relationships got worse – it started off just being psychological, mental and verbal abuse but as time went on it became physical.

“This happened because of what I went through as a child – I wasn’t aware of what to look for in a relationship.”

Incredibly, Sherry, now 57,  says she has forgiven her abusers for what they did to her, and her mother for allowing it to happen.

“I knew I had to forgive so I wouldn’t hold onto the anger. I dealt with my pain and my depression so I could be free.”

She is now dedicating her life to lobbying for an end to child marriage in the United States.

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