Ireland abortion referendum – what are the latest polls, when is the result and is there an exit poll?


VOTERS in Ireland have gone to the polls to decide whether to make abortion legal.

Surveys have suggested the result of the controversial referendum is too close to call. Here is what you need to know.

 No campaigners have been out on the streets ahead of Ireland's historic May 25 referendumAlamy Live News No campaigners have been out on the streets ahead of Ireland's historic May 25 referendum

What is the latest opinion polling on the Irish abortion referendum?

The referendum seeks the approval of the Irish people to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the constitution – which has imposed some of the world's toughest abortion laws since 1983.

If people vote Yes on, the government says it will legislate for unrestricted abortion up to 12 weeks.

Opinion polls showed a strong lead for Yes soon after the referendum was announced earlier this year.

But recently the polls have narrowed and No campaigners say they are confident of pulling off a surprise win.

An Irish Times/Ipsos poll published on May 23 found 1,200 eligible voters shows 44 percent of voters will say Yes in the referendum, with 32 percent voting No and 24 percent yet to decide or not planning to vote.

 Yes campaigners want reform to make it easier for women to seek abortions legallyAlamy Live News Yes campaigners want reform to make it easier for women to seek abortions legally

Meanwhile an Irish Times/Ipsos poll showed 44 per cent in favour (down three points since three weeks earlier) and 32 per cent against (up four points).

Nearly a quarter of voters – 24 per cent – were either unsure or were not voting.

Experts say the large proportion of undecided voters could swing the result, as well as how successful each campaign is at getting "soft supporters" out to vote.

Younger people and city dwellers are more likely to favour reform than older folk in the country, polls show.

It is expected that a number of polling companies will offer exit polls once voting closes.

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