If Theresa May Does Not Secure A Good Brexit Deal By The Eu Summit — She Should Just Walk Away


WE should all recall that when the Great British Public voted to leave the EU, they did so full of pride in their country.

They wanted us to stand tall on the world stage, unrestricted by the edicts of the ever more centrally controlled and unaccountable European Union.

Alpha Press Theresa May must defy the small handful of Remainers who are determined to sabotage Brexit

The British people voted for freedom, and Parliament must remember that nothing should stop the Government delivering on that vote.

The damaging amendment made by Conservative Remainer Dominic Grieve on Tuesday contained within it the ability for Parliament to block Brexit perpetually.

That would be a betrayal of British voters.

Through this clause, MPs could reject the no-deal option with the EU, whereby Theresa May walks away from the negotiating table.

AFP or licensors The PM must remember that the Brits voted for freedom and Government must do everything to deliver that

The EU knows that the UK Parliament would always vote against a no-deal because while the majority of the Conservative Party would support it, most Opposition MPs and a handful of rebels would not.

And it is the threat of no deal that makes the EU come to the table. Without that ultimate weapon we are certain to get a poor deal.

The Prime Minister cannot accept what a small handful of Remainers determined to stop Brexit are demanding.

As she has rightly said, “No deal is better than a bad deal”.

PA:Press Association Remainer Dominic Grieve’s damaging amendment would allow MPs to reject a no-deal option with the EU

The people said leave, not leave when the EU gives us permission.

The EU Withdrawal Bill, which MPs voted on this week, is about ensuring legal certainty at our point of departure.

Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Government on this key bill, cynically trying to frustrate the Brexit process for his own political ends.

If Conservatives do not demonstrate discipline in support of Theresa May on this, then we risk letting him into power.

PRU Jeremy Corbyn is still cynically trying to frustrate the Brexit process for his own political gain

The Government has already said the EU Withdrawal Bill can be framed so as to give Parliament a vote on the final outcome, but without blocking the UK’s departure even without a deal.

The Bill will go back to the House of Lords on Monday, and is likely then to return to the House of Commons.

We need to get this out of the way, because it is 14 months on from triggering Article 50 and we still have not discussed the vital trade relationship between the UK and the EU.

This is because the EU Commission deliberately set out to ensnare the UK in a tortuous bureaucratic process designed to leave us in the weakest position, bound to the EU as some sort of vassal state — as a rule-taker.

AFP or licensors The EU has behaved like an opponent who wishes to punish the UK for expressing their will in a democratic vote

In this, the EU has been emboldened by the appalling behaviour of the unelected House of Lords, which made it clear they want to reverse the result of the referendum. One peer even spoke arrogantly of now bringing the British people to heel.

You only need to have watched as the EU’s negotiators have gratuitously and remorselessly set out not just to be difficult but, it has become clear, to humiliate us.

For example, their refusal to agree to our continuing involvement in the Galileo satellite project, despite the fact that we have invested heavily in it, demonstrates how their behaviour has been calculated to offend.

Even the UK’s offer of defence intelligence co-operation, which the EU needs, was brushed aside.

Getty Images – Getty Tories must get behind Theresa May on Brexit negotiations or Corbyn will end up in power

That the EU is now strutting like the school bully should not surprise us, because of its ideological commitment to the European project at all costs.

Yet, for all their bluster, this masks a weakness.

The EU is deeply worried the UK will leave the EU and become a serious trade competitor, thus not only damaging the EU’s trading position but encouraging those in the EU who oppose this centralised, protectionist behemoth.

We have reached a critical moment in the Brexit process. Because of the EU’s inflexibility, the Government has been forced to make concessions in the hope of discussing that all-important trade relationship.

Getty Images – Getty If there’s still issues at the EU summit later this month, then we must leave the table

This has left many of us concerned that the process has been too one-sided.

The UK has been behaving as a friend who wants an amicable divorce, while the EU has behaved like an opponent who wishes to impose their will and force the UK to repent what they believe is the folly of Brexit.

That is why the UK needs now to change its negotiating stance, once the Brexit bill is passed.

Too often it seems as though it is the UK which negotiates as a supplicant — despite the reality that, as the EU’s largest trade partner and the fifth largest economy in the world, with the world’s fourth most potent defence forces, the UK is deserving of much more respect from the EU.

REUTERS Theresa May must remember that Brits voted for our nation to stand tall on the world stage

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