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Iceland Is Selling Spicy Chicken Thighs Made With Three Different Chillies



ICELAND are selling the spiciest chicken thighs in UK supermarkets.

The super hot thighs measure at 575,500 on the scoville scale and are not for the faint of heart.

Iceland chilli chicken thighs are the hottest in UK supermarkets

Frozen food giant Iceland are selling chilli chicken thighs that are nearly twice as hot as a habanero.

The thighs are made with a marinade made out of bird’s eye chilli, habanero chilli and capsicum chilli essence.

These scorching chicken things are available now online and in store as part of Iceland’s summer range.

Alamy The chilli chicken thighs are available in store and online.

Iceland even recommend that these chicken thighs are seriously spicy and should only be consumed under adult supervision.

It also advised that you sample the thighs with a pot of cooling yoghurt.

As well as keeping your latex gloves and goggles close to hand.

So you know these chicken thighs are packing some serious heat.


There’s A New Dairylea Cheese Snackbox With Oreo Cookies – And We Think It’s A Cracking Idea



DAIRYLEA has released a new sweet and savoury snack range – and it comes with Oreos.

The combination snacks come as a part of the new ”sweet and salt” trend taking over supermarkets.

Dairlea There’s a new Oreo cookie and Dairylea cheese snackbox

”Snackers” features Mini Oreos or Mini Chocolate Cookies, as well as crackers and cheese.

Mondelez International said the unexpected mix was created to become a ”convenient snack to fuel kids’ busy schedules”.

Dairylea Snackers Mini Oreo and Dairylea Snackers Mini Chocolate Cookies retail at £1.65 each – and is just over 300 calories per serving.

Rebecca Prout, senior brand manager for Dairylea, said the company wants to meet the need for ”innovation” in snacking.

Dairylea Snackers Mini Oreo and Dairylea Snackers Mini Chocolate Cookies retail at £1.65 each

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Almost Third Of Brits ‘owe £9,000 Debt To Banks, Family Or Friends’



MORE than four in 10 Brits admit they struggle to make ends meet financially, a study has found.

The shocking findings, from a survey of 2,000 UK adults, revealed 43 per cent are short of the cash they need to pay the bills an average of seven months each year.

Getty – Contributor Always speak to an independent debt adviser. But one quarter said money is an uphill battle for them every single month.

As a result, the average adult is forced to turn to their credit cards or overdraft to get them through to payday four out of every 12 months, with one in 10 saying this is the case each month.

Six in 10 even went as far as to say they feel they are never going to make ends meet on their current salary.

Alamy More people are struggling to make ends meet than in previous years A spokesman for which carried out the research, said: “With rising costs and wages not following suit, it’s not a surprise so many people are struggling.

“Living costs are getting more expensive each year, whether it’s the fuel we need to put in our cars, utility bills or the price of food.

“But struggling to make ends meet can be extremely stressful – it’s hard to cut back when it’s the basic bills you are finding it difficult to pay.”

Researchers found 49 per cent blame their struggle to make ends meet on the rising cost of food while another 46 per cent put it down to utility bills becoming more expensive.

Alamy Tax credits were introduced by the last Labour government but have been cut back by Tories to save cash Thirteen per cent claim their benefits don’t stretch far enough and the same number say the same about their pensions.

Fifteen per cent even said their financial issues leave them feeling unable to provide for their family.

More than one in five have been so strapped for cash, they have gone without ‘nice’ food, while another one in 10 have been unable to find the cash to put fuel in their car.

Four in 10 have gone without new clothes and a third have sacrificed a night out with friends.

Worryingly, 15 per cent have even avoided turning their heating on as they didn’t have the money to pay for it.

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Tsb Bank Chaos As Account Details Leaked Online And One Customer Wrongly Credited With £13k’



TSB customers have been left unable to access their cash after a weekend upgrade to the company’s online systems.

Some customers have even claimed to have seen other TSB user’s bank account details when they log in to the banking app.

PA:Press Association The TSB had been carrying out upgrades to its system all weekend

But, a number of customers still had issues on Sunday night and the TSB revealed it was working to right the problems.

One customer was reportedly credited with £13,000 he didn’t have –  and claimed he could see the  details of someone else’s account.

Laim McKenzie, from Paisley, in Scotland, signed into his banking app shortly after 6pm on Sunday and encountered problems.

The 20-year-old told the BBC: “I saw the details of one other account holder, as well as my own.

The banking giant is now working to put things rights

Many customers took to Twitter to complain

“My balance, because of my overdraft, is in minus, but my balance was showing at £13,000.

“I closed the app and went in again at 19:00 and only my account was showing – but my balance was showing at zero.

“I’ve closed the app again and have not been able to access it since.”

Responding to claims customer’s details were visible to others, a TSB spokeswoman told the Sun Online: “Protecting our customers’ data is our number one priority and we are investigating the reports we’ve seen on social media.”

Other customers took to Twitter to complain.

Christopher Burns says that he is stuck on holiday because of the updates

Christopher Burns said on Twitter: “Its a joke mate. Were stranded abroad as still saying we have nothing. We had rest of our holiday money there and have been stuck in apartment all day”

Patrick Johnson was left with no money in his account this weekend after the updates stopped him from accessing his cash.


Tom Owen has also been unable to access his money saying: “Hey @TSB, nice to see the App and online banking are still down. Not been able to access any money since 4pm Friday, #jokeshop #switchbanks.”

Twitter Cheryl Millan from Scotland said that her account contained £1,000s more that she expected.

Another customer who said they saw someone else’s bank details was Cheryl Millan.

On Twitter Cheryl said: “Went into my @TSB app last night and saw I had nearly a £1000’s more than I should have before I could click into it a message popped up saying something went wrong.After coming onto Twitter it seems that it wasn’t my account at all!Going to try and phone them this morning! #tsb”

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