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How Do I Get Super-cute Nails This Valentine’s Day? Follow These Simple Steps Fill Your Fingers With Romance



IT’S time to ditch the cards and let your nails do all the talking this V-day as we spread the love with these simple talon designs.

Celebrity manicurist Emily Schacter, has created us these two super-simple bespoke designs to get your art pumping. So whether you’re an absolute beginner or fancy yourself as a bit of an artiste there’s something for everyone…

Fabulous Apply two layers of base coat in a colour of your choice

How do you create mini heart nails?

TIME 2 minutes (plus drying time)

Step One

Apply two coats of your base shade, we love Nails Inc Chiltern Street Gel effect Nail polish, £15 ( Allow to dry.

Emily explains: “This look is easy and effective – you can even add it to your gel or freshly polished nails if you’re rushed for time.”

Step Two

Using a dotting tool, make two dots on the tip with a contrasting colour like Rimmel 60 Seconds in Double Decker Red, £2.99 ( Emily says: “The key is to make sure the base coat dries fully to avoid any smudging.”

Fabulous With a dotting tool it’s easy to keep things neat

Step Three

Join the dots together to create heart shape.

Allow to dry fully to avoid smudging.

Step Four

Apply topcoat to add shine.

Emily explains: “When it comes to nail art, it always looks better finished with a high gloss topcoat.”

Fabulous Finish off with a top coat How do you create tiered heart nails?

TIME 5 minutes (plus drying time)

Step One

Apply two coats of your base shade, we think Nails Inc Chiltern Street Gel effect Nail polish, £15 ( works great as a base for any pink themed V-Day design, but this look is so versatile, it works with any colour. Allow to dry.

Emily explains: “This look can be adapted for all year round, it’s taking a basic three-tiered design and throwing an easy Valentine’s Day heart into the mix.”

Step Two

Using a second, darker shade (we chose to reuse the Rimmel 60 Seconds in Double Decker Red, £2.99 ( from the mini hearts mani), paint two strokes and leave the middle bare in a heart shape. Allow to dry.

Emily says: “It is really important to make sure that coats are fully dry in between tiers to avoid peeling.”

Fabulous You can easily create a heart shape with two simple strokes Step Three

Take a third shade (this should be the darkest of the three, if you’re going for pink and red like us, The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Varnish in Red Bellious, £5 ( is a perfect choice) to repeat your heart shaped strokes just on the tip of the nail. Allow to dry.

Emily mentions: “The beauty of this look is that you won’t lose the overall effect if the tiers aren’t identical in shape.”

Fabulous This layered rainbow effect is super eye-catching Step Four

Apply top coat to add shine.

“Whether you’ve got two or five minutes, these manis are perfect for a statement look on the go,” says Emily.

If you love painting you nails, you might like to read how you can get nail varnish worth £15 for £1.

Cheat your way to super-cute rainbow heart nails this Valentine’s Day


Christopher Kane’s Bejewelled Orthopaedic Shoes Are Dubbed ‘gag-inducing’ By Vogue… So Would You Wear Them?




HE’S previously given Crocs a high-end makeover.

Now Christopher Kane has collaborated with orthopaedic brand Z-CoiL to create the most talked-about shoes at London Fashion Week.

Getty – Contributor Christopher Kane sent models down the LFW runway in bejewelled orthopaedic shoes

The British designer sent models down his AW18 catwalk wearing black leather trainers that featured Velcro straps, chunky booster coils and multi-coloured diamantés.

Vogue said the footwear had well and truly kicked “the ugly shoe trend into high gear”.

The wrote: “Call it what you want, but the gag-inducing shoe may be just the Cinderella slipper for a geriatric beauty queen, or fearless footwear lover.”

Meanwhile, the fashion experts at Harper’s Bazaar compared them to “something your grandparents would wear”.

Getty – Contributor The bonkers footwear features a giant coil heel and diamante detailing

Instagram The high-end footwear was slammed online by blogger, Crimes Against Shoemanity

Footwear blogger Crimes Against Shoemanity raged on Instagram: “Christopher Kane just beat me to the punch on this ugly prediction.

“Just when you thought things could literally not get any worse, this f***ing happens. I am deceased.”

Christopher Kane’s Instagram followers were divided too, with some loving the sneakers while one simply wrote: “I can’t.”

The bonkers design comes in two colourways – one with silver embellishment and one with multi-coloured.

Rex Features The clumpy sandals were dubbed ‘gag-inducing’ by Vogue

Instagram Christopher Kane fans were left divided by the statement shoes

They are not yet available to buy online, although similar (non-designer) styles from Z-CoiL retail at around £186.

As well as the divisive shoes, Christopher Kane’s latest show featured semi-sheer and lacy dresses trimmed with feathers in a nod to “the joy of sex”.

Christopher Kane has defended the unlikely collaborations.

Speaking in September about his work with Crocs, he said: “I am very happy to continue working with Crocs, as I have admired the brand for a long time.

Getty – Contributor The shoes feature Velcro straps and bulky rubber soles

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Happy National Toast Day 2018! How Is It Celebrated And What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Eat Toast?




THERE’S rarely a day that goes by that isn’t designated to some tempting foodstuff. Pie Week and National Doughnut Day are particular highlights.

But put down the rough puff and ditch the Krispy Kremes, today isn’t about them… today is all about toast.

Getty Images This is no yolk … topping your toast with eggs can be a cracking start to the morning

When is National Toast Day 2018?

If you didn’t already know – where have you been?! Today is National Toast Day so dig out that white sliced and get jammy.

The nationwide event was started in 2014 by the Tiptoe World Bread Awards.

How is it celebrated National Toast Day?

How isn’t it celebrated more to the point? You’ve probably already caught the parade with Jonathan Warburton perched on top of a giant Dualit toaster throwing grilled bread at legions of breakfast fans.

Alright got you again – that’s not actually happening.

Most people are hosting their own private parties – with their toasters – at home and just indulging in the stuff for the day.

Others have taken to Twitter to tweet their favourite toast topping to @WorldBreadAward.

If you fancy submitting yours – wilder the better please – let them know and don’t forget to use #NationalToastDay.

What are some of the best ways to eat toast?

There is no wrong or right answer here. Some like their toast blackened on the edges while others just like to briefly show their bread to the toaster before tucking in.

The degree of “toastedness” (I know it’s not a word, but you know what I mean) is really down to you. If I had to make a recommendation it would be to opt for a nice even golden brown.

If you’re a “butterer” (yep – I still know) then whip that butter on quickly to guarantee maximum “meltiness” (this is out of control now).

Butter should be at room temperature to avoid clumping and the dreaded toast tears.

As for the topping, some people stop there and to really appreciate the grilled crumbs on your bread you should probably do the same, but we can all agree that’s a lot less fun.

First order of business is sweet or savoury.

Alamy Excellent golden brown colour and great meltiness but possibly a touch too much butter on this one

If you go savoury you may want to consider Marmite, the divisive veg-spread leaves its unique taste in your mouth. Other savoury options include baked beans – don’t forget beanz meanz Heinz, peanut butter or even sardines (don’t ask me).

Spaghetti hoops have also been suggested but the less said about that the better.

Main course toast guzzled it’s time to move on to your dessert and this is where the options get interesting.

There is a world of jams, preserves, marmalades and jellies – which I’m pretty sure are all the same thing – to choose from.

Honey and banana is a popular combo if you want to pretend you’re contributing to your five-a-day.

And we haven’t even spoken about Nutella yet.

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New App Means You Can ‘try On’ Engagement Rings Without Leaving The House.. And It Could Be The Perfect Way To Drop The Hint




SEARCHING for the perfect engagement ring? Well, there’s an app for that.

No longer do you have to traipse around jewellery shops searching for the perfect bling – you just need your mobile phone.

Alamy The choice is all yours – and you can try before you buy

Engagement ring etailer Diamond Hedge has launched an AR iPhone which is going to blow your mind.

On the app you can digitally ‘try on’ different diamond rings, without even having to get out of your pyjamas – you just point your phone’s camera at your hand, and drag the ring onto your finger.

The app is impressive because it lets you customise your perfect ring and there are 20 different designs to go for – you can choose the carat size, the shape of the diamond, and the band.

You can choose from rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold – the choice is all yours.

Getty Images – Getty Meghan Markle’s ring is a popular design right now

Alamy A new app has been designed to make choosing the perfect ring a lot easier

Augmented reality (AR) is all the rage right now, and it’s believed it’ll soon completely change the way we shop.

The IKEA app created a load of fuss last year when it was revealed you could try out the furniture before you buy it.

And now, we have the same help with engagement rings.

If only you could point your phone at a hot guy and get him on his knee clutching your dream ring.

Diamond Hedge Live AR is free on the Apple App store.

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