How ‘cheating’ On Your Diet Could Actually Help You Burn More Fat


IT’S the news you’ve all been waiting for, especially if you find it hard to stick to a strict diet.

A regular cheat day can actually help you lose weight by encouraging your body to burn more fat.

Getty – Contributor A treat every now and then won’t ruin your diet…it could actually help it

“What, how does eating unhealthy food do that??” we hear you ask.

Well, nutritionist Susie Burrell has the answer.

Writing on her blog Shape Me she explains that a cheat meal after a period of calorie restriction tells your body it doesn’t need to go into starvation mode – when it literally hordes all the calories it can.

“Physiologically it has been shown that after periods of strict calorie restriction, a cheat (note not binge) meal, which contains significantly more calories actually helps to body to continue to burn body fat,” Susie wrote.

Getty – Contributor A cheat meal can prevent your body going into starvation mode, meaning it burns more fat instead of storing it

“It is thought after caloric deprivation, a flood of calories tells the body that it is not starving and can continue to burn, not store fat. 

“Even more importantly psychologically there are a number of potential benefits associated with looking forward to a cheat.

“Factoring in a meal off a strict diet gives dieters something to look forward too; it helps take the pressure of the brain to continually have to maintain will power and helps to balance the demands of life with the goal of weight loss and calorie restriction.”

Science even backs it up.

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that dieters who had a cheat meal once a week lost the same amount by the end of the week as those who didn’t cheat.

Getty – Contributor You still can’t eat everything in sight though, just give yourself a break and enjoy a treat like pizza with your friends every now and then

There is one slight catch though.

A cheat meal doesn’t mean you can go eating an entire pizza with a litre of Coke, washed down with a tub of ice cream.

That’s not healthy in anyone’s books.

Instead, your cheat meal should be going out to dinner, or a bowl of pasta once a week…anything that’s a simple meal that doesn’t contain thousands of calories.

“The key thing to remember is that a cheat is one meal, not a binge in which you eat everything in sight, or definitely not an entire cheat day,” Susie added.

“Rather it is one or two meals each week in which you can enjoy a few drinks.

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