Hollyoaks Jen Metcalfe Talks Mercedes Mcqueen’s Explosive Return And Promises She’ll Return To Her Man-eating Ways


HOLLYOAKS wild one Mercedes McQueen’s long-awaited return to the soap will be an explosive affair, actress Jennifer Metcalfe has teased.

After a year off our screens, following the birth of her son Daye, Jen’s preparing to come back to the hit Channel 4 soap as feisty mum Mercedes in what looks to be her juiciest storyline to date.

Splash News Hollyoaks wild one Mercedes McQueen’s long-awaited return to the soap will be an explosive affair, actress Jennifer Metcalfe has teased

Jen’s first scenes were filmed in Majorca where she reunited with the enormous McQueen clan and ex husband Russ Owen.

The 35-year-old explains: “Seeing Russ and to go back to where Mercedes started is really exciting.

“Our family just keeps coming out of the woodwork so it’s bound to be explosive.

“I hadn’t watched the show for a year but it seems really fresh and that there are loads of great actresses and actors joining.

Lime Pictures Drama is never far behind feisty Mercedes

It does feel a bit like people are coming and going all the time but I’m excited to see how Mercedes will fit into all of that.”

When she left the village in 2017, Mercedes was on a mission to get her son Bobby back.

Now she’s back on screen with not only her son, but her first of three husbands, Russ Owen, played by Stuart Manning, in tow.

And in Jen’s opinion, it’s certainly not going to be the bed of roses some Hollyoaks fans may have hoped for.

Rex Features Jen is delighted co-star Steph Davis has returned to the soap

Jen says: “Bobby brings out a different side of Mercedes, but she’s tried to be a mum before but always failed.

“Watching her try and develop and grow into that role is going to be an interesting ride.

“Don’t forget Mercedes is crazy and a real man-eater. She got a bit serious at the end which was good to explore. But I’m looking forward for it going back to her fiery, sassy best.

“I love that side to her because it makes it exciting to play. You never know what’s coming next.

“Although the sight of her first husband Russ doesn’t send Mercedes running for the hills, Jen admits she’d like her character to get through a few more blokes before settling down.”

She adds: “Russ was Mercedes’ first love so she will always hold a soft spot for him. You can never say never with her.

“But I hope she gets a new love interest because Mercedes loves men!

Channel 4 Jen said she hopes Mercedes will get her hands on a few more men

“I never want her to settle down. She’s feisty and unapologetic which is so much fun to play.”

Jen isn’t the only big name preparing to make her comeback in the next few weeks, as Stephanie Davis’s character Sinead O’Connor is also returning.

Steph was sacked from the soap in 2015 for turning up drunk to work and was good pals with Jen before her departure.

While some of the cast haven’t been so welcoming about her comeback because of her “erratic behaviour on set,” Jen has welcomed her back with open arms.

But as for Mercedes and Sinead – she’s not sure how their relationship will pan out.

Getty Jen has spent a year away from the soap after giving birth to her son Daye

Jen says: “Steph and I haven’t actually had the chance to film many scenes together yet.

“I think Mercedes and Sinead are the type of characters who will either clash or be best of friends.

“She’s a fantastic actress though and she lights up the set. I think she’s an amazing character and an as set to the show.”

As for juggling her job as Mercedes and being a mum to Daye – whom she welcomed in August last year with her partner Greg Lake – Jen says Hollyoaks bosses have made the transition easy.

She explains: “Daye is going into nursery full time and that will work around my schedule.

Hollyoaks’ Mercedes McQueen’s comeback to be filmed in Spain reveals Jennifer Metcalfe

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