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Holly Willoughby Gets The Giggles After Accidentally Reading Out Her Own Name And Fluffing Her Lines On This Morning



HOLLY Willoughby got the giggles on today’s This Morning after reading out her own name during a link.

The 37-year-old presenter and co-host Phillip Schofield couldn’t help but laugh as she fluffed her lines towards the end of the show.

ITV Holly Willoughby got the giggles on today’s This Morning after fluffing her lines


After they had finished talking to Les Dennis, Holly started to read the next link, saying: “Still to come, he could quite literally have brought anything along for us today, Steve Wilson is here to put Holly and I, or Phil and I as it’s my link, to the test as we play guess the gadget right after this.”

As the camera pulled away before heading to the ad break, Holly and Phil could be seen doubling over in laughter at her faux pas.

It wasn’t the first time Holly had got her words jumbled up on today’s show, as a few minutes earlier she had got tongue-tied once again.

She said: “Still to come what on earth could Steve Wilson have in his box today?

ITV Holly gave a big cheeky grin to the camera after her first mistake

ITV But minutes later she did it again as she accidentally read out her own name on the monitor

“Phil and I have absolutely no idea what we’re about to…as we’re about to go head to head in this week’s…”

As she stumbled over her words, Phil joked: “You have no idea what you’re about to say.”

Laughing and covering her mouth with her iPad, Holly replied: “This is not boding well is it? I can’t even read it let alone do it!”

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American Crime Story Fans ‘traumatised’ At Most ‘grisly’ Scenes Ever Seen On Tv As Andrew Cunanan Claims Another Two Victims




AMERICAN Crime story viewers declared scenes in tonight’s episode some of the most “grisly” and “horrifying”they’d ever seen on TV.

The drama, which follows the crimes of Gianni Versace serial killer Andrew Cunanan tonight showed the stomach-churning beginning of his killing spree.

Fans were terrified at the chilling final instalment of American Crime Story

Cunanan murdered his friend Jeffrey Trail in front of lover David Madson

The episode saw Cunanan (Darren Criss) hammer to death his first victim – his friend Jeffrey Trail, in front of lover David Madson before rolling his bloodied body up in a rug.

One horrified fan tweeted: “Wow, that was such a tense and horrifying episode… I don’t sleep well on Wednesday nights.”

Another wrote: “That whole ep was absolutely terrifying,” while a third added: “Not sure I can handle this anymore, my nerves are shredded.

A fourth tweeted: “Shellshocked. That was both brilliantly directed and perhaps the most horrid, grisly thing I’ve seen.”

Andrew Cunanan ending up shooting lover David Madson

Cunanan lay down beside David Madson’s body after he shot him

Viewers who know Cunanan’s real life story knew things would only end badly for Madson  who strangely agreed to go for a road trip with the serial killer.

And in a chilling final scene, Cunanan shot his lover in the back while he was running away.

One viewer wrote: “Just off to sit under the shower and rock repetitively for a bit”

Another added: “Woah what an episode! Literally on the edge of my seat for the whole thing!!”

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Who Is New Neighbours Character Chloe Brennan, Younger Sister Of Mark, Tyler And Aaron?




Neighbours fans will know all about the Brennan brothers – but with Tyler recently being sent to prison, there’s room for one more in the household, and Chloe is paying Ramsay Street a visit.

Who is Chloe Brennan, why is she in Erinsborough and what can fans expect to see from her first scenes? We’ve got the lowdown…

Getty – Contributor Chloe Brennan is played by Australian actress April Rose Pengilly

Who is Chloe Brennan?

Chloe is Mark’s younger sister, who has decided to visit Ramsay Street in a bid to reconnect with her brothers.

Although Aaron is excited to have her visit, Mark is wary, believing that Chloe brings trouble wherever she goes.

But Chloe is a woman used to getting her own way, and it’s not long before she’s making waves in Erinsborough.

Fremantle/Channel 5 Chloe Brennan is the latest addition to Ramsay Street

What are Chloe Brennan’s first scenes in Neighbours?

Scenes airing on Tuesday, March 27 show Elly spotting Mark out with an attractive young woman.

Thinking she’s a date, she’s curious – but is soon outraged when she sees the girl going through his wallet.

It’s not long until the women get into an argument, with the pair of them engaging in a tug of war – and Mark appears to set the record straight on who she is.

Chloe doesn’t hate Elly forever though, hinting later on that she’d like to be adventurous with her…

Getty – Contributor April Rose Pengilly is an Australian actress and former model

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When Did Zoe Ball Split Up With Her Husband Norman Cook And How Long Were They Married For?




Zoe Ball is enjoying a new romance with construction firm boss Michael Reed – which is her first relationship since her lover Billy Yates was found dead.

The TV presenter, who hosts Strictly: It Takes Two, was married to Norman Cook for 18 years – get the lowdown on their time together.

PA:Press Association Norman Cook and Zoe Ball announced their separation in 2016

Who is Norman Cook?

Norman Cook, also known as Fatboy Slim, is an English DJ, musician and record producer.

He has won ten MTV Video Music Awards and two Brit awards as a solo electronic act.

He first rose to fame in the 1980s when he was part of indie rock band The Housemartins, but after the group split he joined numerous other acts such as Pizzaman, Freak Power and The Mighty Dub Katz.

In 1996, he adopted the name Fatboy Slim and released well-known singles such as The Rockafeller Skank, Right Here, Right Now, Weapon of Choice and Wonderful Night.

In March 2009, Cook checked into a rehab centre in Bournemouth to fight a “booze addiction” that he had been battling “for some time”.

BBC Zoe Ball split from Norman Cook after 18 years of marriage

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