‘hit Man’ Involved In Jeremy Thorpe Scandal May Still Be Alive Cops Admit – Despite Claiming He’d Died Years Ago


AN investigation into the Jeremy Thorpe scandal will be reopened after police admitted the man accused of the attempted murder of the former Liberal leader’s lover may still be ALIVE, it has emerged.

A probe launched in 2015 into the alleged attempted murder gay Norman Scott was closed last year as Gwent Police had thought Andrew Newton – the man allegedly hired to kill Mr Scott in 1975 – was dead.

PA:Press Association/PA Images Norman Scott, above, was allegedly hired to kill Norman Scott

But the force has told BBC Four documentary The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal that new information has come to light, suggesting he may still be alive.

Reacting to the news, Mr Scott, 78, told the programme: “I just don’t think anyone’s tried hard enough to look for him. I really don’t.

“There must be people who knew him and there would surely be a record of him dying.

“I thought Gwent Police were doing something at last and soon found out that absolutely they weren’t, they were continuing the cover up as far as I can see”.

PA:Press Association/PA Images Jeremy Thorpe, who died in 2014, was acquitted of conspiracy to murder after an Old Bailey trial in 1979

PA:Press Association Norman Scott arrives at the Old Bailey in May 1979

The Daily Mail has claimed the alleged gunman is alive and living in London under an alias.

The documentary, which is due to be broadcast at 10pm on Sunday after A Very English Scandal, investigates the alleged plot to murder Mr Scott, who was involved in a relationship with Mr Thorpe in the early 1960s, when homosexuality was illegal.

Mr Thorpe, who died in 2014, was acquitted of conspiracy to murder after an Old Bailey trial in 1979.

A fresh probe was launched by Gwent Police in 2015 after new claims emerged.

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