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Pals Pay Tribute To ‘courageous’ Policeman Keith Palmer One Year After He Was Knifed To Death During Westminster Terror Attack




COLLEAGUES have paid tribute to the heroic PC who died in a desperate bid to stop Westminster Bridge maniac Khalid Masood’s deadly rampage.

Unarmed Keith Palmer was stabbed to death as he stood guard at the palace of Westminster exactly a year ago today.

PA:Press Association Pc Keith Palmer and four others were killed in the Westminster terror attack

In a statement released to mark the one-year anniversary of Keith’s death, pal PC Shaun Cartwright said: “Keith was always happy, always the first to help anyone out, first in to work and the last one out.

“He was a proud and courageous police officer who did his job and never wanted any fuss or to be the centre of attention.

“Keith was a true and loyal friend, utterly reliable.

“Most of all I will remember him as a family man who idolised his wife, daughter and his family; they’re the important ones that I think about a year on from the Westminster attack.”

PA:Press Association Khalid Masood, 52, was shot dead after mowing down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbing Palmer

Last year PC Palmer was awarded an ‘outstanding bravery’ award after coming face to face with knife-wielding Masood just moments after the twisted killer had mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

The brave cop had been in the Met for 16 years after a stint in the Royal Artillery, and died at the scene despite the efforts of Tory MP Tobias Ellwood.

The ex-soldier gave him mouth-to-mouth and tried to stem the blood flow, but PC Palmer’s succumbed to his injuries just minutes later.

PC Palmer’s name is expected to join nearly 1,400 others inscribed on a new memorial to commemorate officers killed on duty.

PA Tory MP Tobias Ellwood tried in vain to save Palmer’s life in the Westminster attack


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Bizarre Photo Of Mutant Tomato-strawberry ‘alien Fruit’ Disgusts Internet – But Would You Eat It?




A BAFFLING photo of an “alien tomato” that appears to have a strawberry inside it has baffled the internet.

The freaky fruit dubbed the “strawmato” led to theories of mutant crossbreeding after the image was posted online.

Reddit A gross photo of what has been dubbed a ‘strawmato’ left Reddit-users baffled

Reddit-user CroixBeans carved into the tomato to find its weird innards, writing simply: “The inside of this tomato looks like a strawberry”.

Stunned Redditors piled in with their own opinions about its origins — including suggesting it may be extra-terrestrial.

After being asked about its texture, CroixBeans fuelled the ET fears by writing: “The outer flesh of the ‘strawberry’ was pretty soft and a little slimy.

“Just barely touching it smudged it pretty easily.”

A Reddit user who posted an image of the freaky fruit said it was ‘completely alien’

They added: “I’ve never touched an alien, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would have to say that it did feel completely alien.”

Such was the level of panic that some feared they might DIE if they ate it.

Walrus_Fighter wrote: “Let us know if you die later” — and after a long pause another added: “Op pls respond!”

And one curious reader suggested rather more sordid reasons behind the odd fruit.

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Outrage As Crime-hit Cops Are Given Two Extra Days Off A Year — To De-stress With Yoga




CRIME-plagued shop owners blasted a decision to give police two extra days off a year — to do yoga.

Traders are calling for cash to fund bobbies on the beat rather than pay for “well-being” rest and recuperation breaks for cops in Lincolnshire.

Crime-hit locals have blasted the decision to treat cops to yoga sessions and called for extra funding

It comes after the force warned it would investigate shoplifting only when the thief was still at the scene as the county battles high levels of murder and drugs.

The days off, dubbed “yoga days” by PCs, will equate to losing 15 staff a year at the 1,800-employee force.

Chief Constable Bill Skelly said the breaks would improve cops’ “mental, physical, emotional and spiritual welfare” and make them less likely to go sick.

Dave Sutton, 46, who runs the Sublimity bathroom and tile showroom in Boston, said: “You’d think money would be better spent on more of a police presence than treating them all to yoga.”

Chief Constable Bill Skelly claims that the two ‘yoga days’ would see the number of officers calling in sick decrease

The dad, who fears being driven out by window-smashing yobs, added: “We all work hard but the taxpayer doesn’t pay for me to have a nice relax when I feel a bit stressed.”

The manager of the town’s St Barnabas charity shop said: “Every time I’ve needed the police they’ve let me down.

“I reckon they must have lap dancers and a pole at that police station because you never see any officers around here.”

Council taxpayers have just been hit by an average £12 hike towards the force where senior officers warn of looming job cuts unless the budget is increased.

Alamy Traders are calling for cash to fund bobbies on the beat

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