Heath Ledger: Director KNEW the actor would be a 'massive star' when they first met

During this chat Junger spoke fondly of Ledger, and told a story of how he struggled to find the correct actor to play Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You – until Ledger walked in.

“I was three weeks out of filming 10 Things and I did not have a guy,” Junger explained. “Three weeks out! Now that’s scary.

“I had easily read 250 guys without a doubt, easily – so… in walks Heath. And I’m in a room with Disney, and there are myself and five women in the room – they were all part of casting.

“So Heath walks in and as he’s walking up to me I literally thought to myself: ‘If this dude can read I’m going to cast him.'”

Upon being berated over whether he was serious, Junger replied: “No, I’m not joking!


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