Harry And Meghan Masks For The Royal Wedding – Where Can I Buy Them And How Much Do They Cost?


WITH just one day to go until the wedding of the year, there’s still time to buy some last minute bits and bobs if you’re throwing a party.

It’s not just Union Jack bunting and royal-themed plates and cups that are on offer either – many well-known retailers are selling Prince Harry and Meghan masks, too!

Meghan and Harry masks are now available

Royal masks are an excellent option if you and your guests want to look just like those at the Royal Wedding, without having to fork out on expensive outfits.

And, let’s face it, paper masks of the Royal Family are a good laugh.

High street stores like Poundland and Party Delights are selling them, while online retailer Amazon has stocked up too.

Here’s where you can buy masks for the Royal Wedding and how much they cost.

Poundland, £1 Prince Harry and Meghan masks

Poundland If Harry doesn’t take your fancy, you can don Meghan’s face

The cheapest option on the list, Poundland are selling Harry and Meghan masks for, you’ve guessed it, a pound a pop.

While you’re there, you can also buy Royal Wedding spoons and flags – with Harry and Meghan’s faces on them as well as BOTH the Union Jack and American flag.

Party Delights, £2.99 each for Royal Family masks

Party Delights Party Delights’ royal masks are selling for £2.99 each

Also on the high street, Party Delights is selling masks of several Royal Family members at its stores in Manchester and Essex.

The masks are going for £2.99 each.

You can even wear the faces of Camilla Parker-Bowles and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Amazon, £1.49 for Meghan’s face or £3.99 for a royal set

Amazon Amazon’s masks are £1.49 each or £3.99 for the full set

Those who won’t have time to nip to the high street ahead of the Royal Wedding tomorrow should check out Amazon’s offering.

You can buy Meghan masks for £1.49 each, or seven masks of existing royals and their spouses for £3.99.

Among the seven are the Queen, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry look a little more youthful in Amazon mask form – William has hair and Harry looks like he’s still a teen!

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