Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid And Ben Shephard Grill Shirley Ballas About Calling Charlotte Hawkins The Wrong Name On Strictly Come Dancing


SUSANNA Reid and Ben Shephard grilled Shirley Ballas about her criticism of their colleague Charlotte Hawkins on Strictly Come Dancing during an awkward chat on today’s Good Morning Britain.

Piers Morgan had furiously pledged to “bring Shirley down” after she criticised Charlotte and called her the wrong name on the BBC reality show late last year.

ITV Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard didn’t hold back when they interviewed Shirley Ballas on today’s Good Morning Britain

Clearly still put out by Shirley’s error, Ben and Susanna didn’t hold back during their interview on today’s show.

They even showed the clip of Shirley calling Charlotte “Mollie” after she mixed her up with The Saturdays star who was appearing on the same series.

Susanna said: “We’ve had a member of our team take part in Strictly, Charlotte Hawkins last year and well, I’m not sure you and she were best friends. Shall we have a quick look?”

After the video aired, she continued: “Well so unfortunately you called her Mollie, criticised technique – rise and fall if you remember that you criticised…”

ITV They awkwardly grilled her about calling their colleague Charlotte Hawkins the wrong name on Strictly Come Dancing

ITV Shirley called Charlotte ‘Mollie’ while giving her feedback on the BBC reality show GMB’s Piers Morgan threatens to ‘bring down’ Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas after she called Charlotte Hawkins ‘Mollie’

Shirley then interjected and said: “Actually, it was constructive criticism in order for her to get better the following week. Unfortunately a certain member took it the wrong way.”

Ben then said: “But do you think the relationship you had with Brendan and the friction there caused the problem because he took exception to this.”

Shirley replied: “First of all, there was no friction between Brendan and I. I’ve known Brendan a very, very long time and how Brendan likes to conduct himself is his business but for me there was no friction.

“I was there to do a job, I did it. I thought she was extremely talented.

ITV Shirley looked awkward as she defended herself to Ben and Susanna Shirley Ballas and Brendan Cole clashing over on Strictly Come Dancing

“I tried to express that perhaps the choreography was a little difficult at the beginning because she had talent but unfortunately he took it the wrong way.”

Shirley then looked even more uncomfortable as Ben said: “What about getting her name wrong though?” as Susanna groaned.

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