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Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan Branded ’embarrassing’ As He Does A Bizarre Impression Of Big Narstie Doing The Weather



PIERS Morgan has been branded “embarrassing” after baffling his co-stars with his bizarre impression of Big Narstie doing the weather on Good Morning Britain.

The TV host attempted to recreate the grime star’s hilarious weather report on yesterday’s show but put on a terrible Scottish accent.

ITV Piers Morgan did an impression of Big Narstie on today’s show

The show’s weather presenter Alex Beresford called him an “embarrassing dad” after Piers waved his hand in the air and used a Scottish brogue to imitate Big Narstie star turn.

Piers tried to mock up the musician’s hilarious weather report, saying “A bag of snow in Scotland”.

But his phoney accent left co-star Susanna Reid saying: “No no no no no!”

The show’s full time weather man Alex then chimed in, saying: “You sound like an embarrassing dad – that’s exactly what you sound like.”

ITV Susanna Reid burst out laughing

The comment made Susanna burst out laughing and she struggled to control her giggles as Piers refused to give up his terrible accent.

The newsman then went on to tell Alex that he could be put of a job as he wants Big Narstie to read the weather on the show ever day.

He said: “The way things are going, you might be looking for a new job, mate.”

Alex let Big Narstie take over weather hosting duties during yesterday’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

Copyright (c) 2017 Rex Features. No use without permission. Grime star Big Narstie hosted the weather during Good Morning Britain

The grime star left viewers in stitches after warning it was going to be a “mudfest” out there, before cautioning Edinburgh natives that they should expect “peak times”.

“The streets of England, no one T-shirt business. It’s cold and rarse down there,’ he remarked, his choice of words prompting Alex to hold his hands to his mouth in delighted shock.

Pointing at a location on the map, he added: “See over here? Extra clothes, wellies, mud-fest, anyone who’s got pets, you’re gonna be getting mud in your yard.”

And while Scotland was in for a chilly day, the blow was no doubt softened by Narstie’s hilarious deliverance.

“Edinburgh – peak times. Highlands – a bag of snow,” he quipped.

Grime star Big Narstie presents the weather forecast on GMB

Copyright (c) 2017 Rex Features. No use without permission. The MC earned tons of praise for his hosting skills


TWITTER Piers shared a snap of the pair on social media, joking that Big Nasty had met Big Narstie

Copyright (c) 2017 Rex Features. No use without permission. Kate Garraway also rushed to have a picture with the When The Bassline Drops hitmaker


Cheryl ‘wanted Liam Payne To Stop Talking About Their Family Life In Interviews’ Before Crisis Talks




CHERYL “wanted Liam Payne to stop talking about their family life in interviews” before crisis talks about their relationship.

Yesterday The Sun’s Dan Wootton exclusively revealed how the Promise This singer and her 24-year-old boyfriend are preparing to end their two-year relationship.

Getty – Contributor The Sun revealed yesterday how Cheryl and Liam Payne have been holding crisis talks about their relationship

Cheryl, 34, and Liam have held crisis talks to try and salvage their romance for the sake of their 11-month-old son Bear.

But an insider has now told The Sun Online that one of the issues which caused tension between the couple was Liam’s keenness to talk about his family during interviews.

The source said: “Cheryl is very private and doesn’t want Bear’s life to be lived in public, while Liam was so proud he couldn’t stop talking about his son, and by extension, Cheryl.

“She’d ask him not to speak about her, or her opinions in interviews, but he’s naturally chatty and he’d let details slip.

instagram The couple are said to be preparing to end their two-year relationship

instagram The couple have 11-month-old son together

“She’s had more experience in the industry than him and knows it’s better to hold back rather than tell everyone everything.

“But he didn’t see the problem – he’s just a proud dad.”

Soon after Bear was born in March last year, former One Direction singer Liam revealed a number of intimate details about his son and girlfriend while promoting his solo music.

The singer told journalists his son weed on Cheryl the first time she changed his nappy, why they chose his unusual name and that she gets touchy over their 10-year age gap.

instagram A source close to Cheryl said she ‘wanted Liam to stop talking about their family in interviews’

Another major factor contributing to their relationship drama – as first revealed by The Sun – is Liam’s successful solo career keeping him away from home a lot.

It’s meant Cheryl has been left with Bear for weeks at a time.

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Video Of Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei Looking Worse For Wear Goes Viral As Hilarious Footage Gets Over A Million Views




SOPHIE Kasaei has become an internet sensation after a video of the aftermath of a boozy night out on Geordie Shore went viral.

The clip of the 28-year-old has now had over one million views online.

MTV Sophie Kasaei has become an internet sensation after this clip aired on Geordie Shore

MTV The 28-year-old reality star appeared to be struggling after a boozy night out with her co-stars

MTV While she’d been the life and soul of the party in a nightclub, things couldn’t have been more different once she was in a taxi

In the footage, Sophie can be seen partying with her co-stars including Abbie Holborn and Nathan Henry.

But as the night draws to a close and the group bundle into a taxi, Sophie appears to be struggling.

At one point she droops to the side before sitting up, leaving her hair hanging over one side of her face.

As she pushes it away, she pulls a number of rather amusing faces before looking as though she may vomit.

MTV Sophie appeared to be struggling to keep herself together

MTV Her co-star Abbie Holborn, left, looked on as Sophie tried to sort out her hair

MTV But things went from bad to worse as Sophie looked as though she might be sick

While her pals cheer and laugh around her, Sophie looks increasingly queasy.

After a couple of seconds she flops down onto her mate beside her and finishes the journey lying in her lap.

One fan joked: “Someone’s had a good night!”

Another told their followers: “One eye going to the shops and the other coming back with the change!”

MTV Fans found the clip hilarious and now the five second footage has gone viral

MTV To date, the clip of Sophie has been viewed over one million times

The Geordie Shore cast are currently in Australia filming the next series of the hit MTV show.

Earlier today, The Sun Online revealed the first look at two of the latest stars to join the show.

Instagram A pub in Queensland leaked this photo of the cute new cast members alongside Nathan Henry and Sam Gowland

Just last month, insiders revealed that Geordie Shore was getting two new sexy stars in Australia.

An insider said: “The cast will be filming in Australia and they’ve been told to expect some surprises – including two hot locals.

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Noel Gallagher’s Wife Sara Mcdonald Tells His Brother Liam To ‘drop Dead’ After Social Media Spat




NOEL Gallagher’s wife has told warring brother Liam: “Drop dead.”

Publicist Sara McDonald, 46, stepped into the long-running feud between the former Oasis bandmates after heated comments about her family.

Getty – Contributor Noel Gallagher’s wife, publicist Sara McDonald, stepped into the long-running feud between the two former-Oasis frontmen

Splash News Liam Gallagher was told by his brother’s wife to ‘drop dead’ after claiming he wouldn’t care if any of the family were abused on social media

Liam, 45, said in a newspaper interview he “didn’t care” if Sara, 50-year-old Noel or his “f****** kid” Anais, 18, were abused on social media.

Responding on an Instagram fansite Sara, who has sons aged seven and ten with Noel, wrote: “His f****** kid”? You mean your gorgeous niece, you deplorable w*****.

“Please god (you) have dropped dead by the time my kids are on social media.”

It is the first time Sara has spoken out in music’s biggest rivalry, sparked by Noel’s decision to quit Oasis in 2009.

PA:Press Association Noel Gallagher’s wife Sara stepped into the long-running feud after his heated comments about her family

Getty Images – Getty Liam Gallagher’s put-downs got increasingly toxic after the launch of his solo career

Getty – Contributor Liam said he “didn’t care” if Sara, 50-year-old Noel or his “f****** kid” Anais, 18, (pictured) were abused on social media

Liam has taunted Noel ever since, but the put-downs got increasingly toxic when he launched a solo career last year.

In June, Liam accused Noel of snubbing the One Love Manchester Concert in aid of Ariana Grande fans caught in the Manchester Arena bombing. Noel came under fire online, but sources close to him revealed he was never asked to perform and secretly signed over the royalties to Oasis hit Don’t Look Back In Anger after it became the relief fund’s anthem.

Getty Images – Getty Liam (right) has never forgiven Noel for his decision to quit Oasis in 2009, taunting him ever since

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