Former Hollyoaks Star Davinia Taylor On How Running Helped Beat Her Demons After Crippling Battle With Post-natal Depression And Losing Custody Of Son Grey, 10, To David Beckham's Best Friend | The News Amed
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Former Hollyoaks Star Davinia Taylor On How Running Helped Beat Her Demons After Crippling Battle With Post-natal Depression And Losing Custody Of Son Grey, 10, To David Beckham’s Best Friend



FORMER Hollyoaks actress Davinia Taylor has revealed how running has helped her beat her demons after battling crippling post-natal depression.

The 40-year-old, who played Jude Cunningham in the Channel 4 soap from 1996 until 1998, suffered from the mental health condition before and after her pregnancy with first child, Grey, now 10.

Nick Obank – The Sun Davinia Taylor has opened up about her battle with Post-Natal Depression ahead of running the London Marathon

Davinia was married to first husband Dave Gardner – who is David Beckham’s best friend – at the time, but after the couple divorced in 2010 a custody battle followed, with the judge ruling in his favour.

Davinia has gone on to have three more children, one with an unnamed ex and two with partner Matthew Leyden, but her battle with depression is still vivid in her memory, and so she has decided to run the London Marathon this weekend to raise money for mental health charity, Mind.

Writing on her Virgin Money fundraising page, the star opened up about her experience, saying: “As a mother of four boys and someone who has experienced post natal depression I ask you to give what you can afford to Mind.

“Depression literally crippled me silently creeping into my thought process throughout my first pregnancy and beyond.

News Group Newspapers Ltd Davinia suffered with the condition during her first pregnancy with then husband, Dave Gardner

Getty – Contributor Davinia said from the outside, it looked like she had it all, but inside, she felt like a prisoner in a nightmare

“It took away any magic and wonder and let me down a toxic path of self destruction.

“From the outside I appeared a woman with everything to be grateful for, yet ,on the inside I was screaming underwater for answers to questions I couldn’t articulate.

“I felt dumbfounded and mentally I was a prisoner on a merry go round of negative thinking and feelings of dread and failure.

“Much like an imminent tragedy waiting to happen, the feeling of waiting for the axe to fall came in waves through my whole body as my brain slowly cancelled out any positive emotion as it scanned for nightmareish scenarios without my permission.

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Verne Troyer’s Best Bits From His Glittering Film And Tv Career As He Dies Aged 49



VERNE Troyer is probably best known as Dr Evil’s pint-sized henchman Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films.

The 2ft 8in actor put in a show stealing performance as the freakishly strong clone.

But his career, on and off the big screen, has won him an army of fans well beyond the popular comedy trilogy.

Verne was hilarious in 2009’s Celebrity Big Brother, caused havoc with Keith Lemon on Celebrity Juice and was punched in the face by Arnie Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way.

We celebrate the best bits of Verne on the tragic evening when the 49-year-old actor passed away.

PA:Press Association The 2ft 8in actor has had a glittering career in cinema and TV

1. Mini-Me puts in a big performance

Alamy Mini Me Verne Troyer performs ‘Just the two of us’ withMike Myers’ Dr. Evil in iconic Austin Powers scene

Verne stole the show in the beloved Austen Powers trilogy as Dr Evil’s clone henchman Mini Me.

Memorable moments include his one-on-one scraps with Mike Myers and his musical duets including the hilarious Just The Two Of Us and Hard Knock Life.

The character became an instant classic when he appeared in the second film.

Mini Me Verne Troyer wrestles Mike Myers in classic scene from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

2. Big Brother ran-raid

Verne rams his electric scooter into the famous diary room doors

Verne put in a memorable stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.

Viewers were in hysterics when the foot-tall superstar RAMMED the famous diary room door in his electric scooter.

He was hauled into the diary room for a ticking off.

Verne also thrilled viewers flirting with Mutya and La Toya, getting tipsy on Champagne and calling rapper Coolio ‘b****’.

Verne Troyer gets told off for ramraiding the diary room door on Celebrity Big Brother

3. I’ll be whacked!

YouTube Verne appeared in Jingle All The Way as a very bad Santa who grapple Arnie

Verne proved he could do action as well as comedy when he grappled with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Christmas flick Jingle All The Way.

But it doesn’t end well for him.

A burly henchman ends up punching the bad Santa across the room.


4. Game for a laugh

Verne gave a hilarious performance on Celebrity Juice as he took part in x-rated charades with host Keith Lemon.

The side-splitting skit saw Verne being carried around the studio and stripping off to the waist to act out Fight Club.

He also stripped off to wrestle with host Keith Lemon

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George Michael’s Family Gave Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz £250k Despite Claims He Is Broke



GEORGE Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz was handed £250k by the singer’s family, despite claims he’s broke.

Fadi was reported to be selling off the singer’s belongings on Twitter and struggling to pay for George’s North London home.

Twitter He has been living in George’s North London home since the singer’s death

It was also revealed the late star’s possessions were being repossessed.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Fadi, 44, was given a substantial living allowance last year and spent thousands on a trip to Australia.

A Fawaz family source said: “I feel that what has happened is so wrong to everyone.

“Our family has been really affected by what’s going on.

“George’s family did nothing wrong to Fadi. He got paid £250,000 in October, some of which he used to visit family in Brisbane.

David New – The Sun Fadi Fawaz has revealed he is selling off George Michael’s belongings

Rex Features Fadi previously posted a notice of an unpaid debt on his Twitter page

“Everyone is worried and this row is not what George would have wanted.”

In a series of posts on Twitter, the former hair stylist, 44, declared he’s been left with “no help” and is now trying to recoup some cash.

Fadi, who has been living in the property since George died aged 53 on Christmas Day 2016, wrote: “Goerge [sic] Micheal Items for sale if you interested please let me know.

“It’s a way so I can survive till we solve the problems with his family and lawyer.

“Since I’m left with no help and since no one is human anymore.”

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Matt Cardle Says Ant Mcpartlin Needs To ‘forget His Career’ And Take A Break To Beat The Booze



MATT Cardle believes Ant McPartlin needs to take a long break if he wants to truly beat his battle with booze and prescription drugs.

The X Factor star, who went to rehab himself thanks to a daily cocktail of alcohol, prescription pills and illegal drugs, warns the presenter needs to “forget about his career”.

Getty – Contributor Matt Cardle has warned Ant McPartlin he needs to forget about his career

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Matt said:  “The last thing Ant needs to worry about is his career or getting back to work. I know there’s pressure to get back on TV because of how good Ant and Dec are as presenters.

“But he needs to focus on his health and forget about his career because that’s the only way he will get better.”

Discussing his own road to recovery as he gears up to release his new single, he added: “I went away fishing and basically didn’t pick up my phone for three months after rehab.”

Matt went on to say that there is “no shame” in Ant having a drink or drug addiction.

Ant pleaded guilty to drink driving last week

Last month Ant was charged with drink-driving last month following a collision.

He cancelled all of his upcoming television appearances and took himself off to rehab – less than a year after he sought treatment for his addiction to prescription pills and alcohol.

He appeared in court last week and pleaded guilty to the charge, resulting in him being handed a £86,000 fine and banned from driving for 20 months.

Earlier this year Matt, 34, revealed he had started “eating” Tramadol “for fun” at the height of his addiction.

Darren Fletcher – The Sun Ant is currently taking a break from his TV commitments

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