Ferne Mccann Left ‘devastated’ After Learning She Can’t Have A Boob Job For At Least Six Months


FERNE McCann revealed she is “devastated” after learning that she’ll have to wait at least six months before having a boob job.

The reality star gave birth to daughter Sunday in November and says that breast feeding has left her with “spaniels’ ears” and considering a boob job.

ITVBE Ferne McCann has been left ‘devastated’ after learning that she can’t have a boob job for another six months

However in tonight’s episode of First Time Mum, Ferne spoke to Real Housewife Tanya Bardsley who warned her off having the op in the year after giving birth after hers “went wrong”.

Admiring Tanya’s boobs, Ferne told her: “I wanna get mine done.”

But Tanya responded: “I had mine done after eight months, and I think mine went wrong because you’re still milked up.

“It looked like something off Embarrassing Bodies, I’d say wait a year.”

ITVBE Real Housewife Tanya Bardsley told her that having a boob job eight months after giving birth had disastrous results

And Ferne was not happy to hear the news.

She told the camera: “The devastating news if I did wanna get a boob job, I can’t get one for another six months.”

She then let out a huge sigh, and added: “saggy t*ts.”

Earlier this month Ferne admitted that despite her body looking better than ever, pregnancy and breast feeding daughter Sunday has left her boobs looking like “spaniels’ ears”.

She told The Sun Online: “My boobs look like spaniels’ ears!

Instagram The reality star gave birth six months ago and says breast feeding has left her boobs saggy

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