Eating An Egg A Day Cuts Stroke Risk By About A Quarter, Experts Reveal


EATING an egg a day cuts stroke risk by about a quarter, a study claims.

It found those who consumed an egg daily were 26 per cent less likely to have a haemorrhagic stroke — bleeding around the brain — than those who rarely ate one.

Getty – Contributor Eating an egg a day cuts stroke risk by about a quarter, a study claims

Researchers also say the risk of ischaemic stroke, a blockage that cuts off blood to the brain, fell ten per cent.

The Chinese study examined the diets of 416,000 adults.

Although eggs are high in cholesterol, they contain healthy nutrients that experts say boost heart health.

High protein levels also help people feel fuller — something that’s been proven to help people shift extra pounds.

Getty – Contributor Around 100,000 people suffer a stroke in the UK each year

Writing in the journal Heart, lead researchers Professor Liming Li and Dr Canqing Yu, from the Peking University Health Science Center, said: “The present study finds that there is an association between moderate level of egg consumption (up to 1 egg/day) and a lower cardiac event rate.

“Our findings contribute scientific evidence to the dietary guidelines with regard to egg consumption for the healthy adults.”

About 13 per cent of participants ate one egg a day, compared to nine per cent who rarely ever ate them.

On average, participants had two eggs a week.

Getty – Contributor Eggs are also thought to boost heart health

Prof Nita Forouhi, from the MRC Epidemiology Unit at Cambridge University, said: “At the very least up to 1-egg-a-day is not linked with raised cardiovascular risk, and at best up to 1-egg-a-day may even have health benefits.

“Eggs are rich in many healthful nutrients and can be part of a healthy overall diet according to this latest research.”

But she warned eating them as part of a fry up was not good news for health.

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