Drunk’n Bar Fight Is An Immersive Vr Game That Lets You Brawl With Pub Patrons


STRESSED-OUT gamers can let off some steam with a new virtual reality game that simulates a pub brawl.

The game is called Drunk’n Bar Fight, and lets players throw punches at pub punters in relative safety.

Drunkn Bar Fight Gamers can unleash their anger on hapless virtual pub-goers

Drunkn Bar Fight Gamers have been singing Drunk’n Bar Fight’s praises on the Steam store reviews section

You can buy the game for just £8.99 on the Steam Early Access store, but you’ll need a compatible VR headset to play it.

Fortunately, the game supports two of the most popular virtual reality headsets: the HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift.

Gamers use the motion-tracking Vive or Oculus Touch controllers so that their real-world punching movements translate directly into the game.

It’s already receiving rave reviews from players, earning a 9/10 score on Steam.

Drunkn Bar Fight You can wound your opponents without the guilt or legal complications that come with a traditional pub brawl

Drunkn Bar Fight This unique VR brawler is a bargain at just £8.99 on Steam

One user wrote: “It’s a good way to get out your aggression and stress from the day. It’s wildly satisfying to punch guys in the face and slam their heads together.”

Another said: “Good for getting the blood pumping and chinning some nerdos.”

A third review reads: “Great game. It’s like my local, just less violent.”

And one player praised the game’s visuals: “It’s cool that you can see your whole arms and legs and hands.”

Drunkn Bar Fight The game’s creators recommended drinking as much in-game alcohol as possible

The indie game was created by a developer known only as The Munky, and appears to be their only game to date.

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