Drone-scanned Tracks And All-new Engine On The Grid For Motogp 2018 Reboot


BIKE fans have long loved Milestone’s Moto GP franchise, but it’s often seemed a little bit rough-and-ready for regular racing fans.

This is all set to change with the 2018 edition of the game that’s coming out on 7 June, though. The developer has chucked their home-built engine and rebuilt everything from the ground up.

Racing in the wet looks significantly better than before thanks to the new engine

This means that there are cut-scenes for the first time, there are uncannily accurate likenesses of all the top racers and every single track from this season’s MotoGP circuit is represented in inch-perfect detail.

All 19 tracks have been scanned by Milestone’s drones, and they’ve used that data to recreate everything down to the precise camber of every turn for an unprecedented level of detail.

The game’s new career mode and tutorials should also let anyone with an interest in bike racing jump in and enjoy the new shininess as they help flatten out the traditionally steep leaning curve associated with racing on two wheels.

Those looking for a deeper experience are also in luck, as MotoGP 2018 features tyre management for the first time, as well as extended damage simulation for those inevitable tumbles.

New AI difficulty levels should also mean that players of all skill levels can find a suitable challenge

Riders from the entire MotoGP ladder are represented, right down to the rookies

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