Dominic Grieve And Anna Soubry Are Holding The Uk To Ransom And 17.4m Brits Are Sick Of It


WHO runs Britain? Theresa May? Or Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and other Brexit-wrecking Tory showboaters?

We’re delighted No10 refused to buckle to these diehard Remainers ­yesterday. Suck it up, Ms Soubry.

PA Leading Tory rebels including Dominic Grieve, Anna Sounry and Ken Clarke are pushing for MPs to get a vote on the final Brexit deal – weakening the UK’s negotiating strength

But the crunch is now coming.

The Government cannot negotiate with the EU without being able to walk away with no deal. That’s a fundamental rule whether you’re buying a car or exiting a 45-year-old trading arrangement.

Grieve and Soubry know that full well. They are lawyers. Their attempt to make it impossible is a ploy to keep us in a customs union, tied to the Single Market, and negate or block Brexit.

Now they must decide whether doing Brussels’ dirty work, as they plainly are, trumps the survival of their own party. This current shambles, this paralysis, cannot go on. Britain is sick of it.

PRU This current shambles, this paralysis – brought on by the likes of Dominic Grieve – cannot go on. Britain is sick of it

Our PM, rightly attempting to fulfil the democratic mandate of the 17.4million majority (namely a Brexit that actually involves leaving), is being held to ransom.

She has faced the Remainers down. Next week they have a massive decision. To let Mrs May do her duty…

Or potentially destroy her, along with her Government and  their own jobs, while giving Corbyn’s crazies a chance to seize power.

MP Dominic Grieve says he’ll still rebel against the Government tonightMigrants sense

BRITAIN needs a sensible policy of controlled immigration, not some blinkered drive to hit an arbitrary limit at all costs.

Getty – Contributor Thousands more desperately-needed staff will be removed from strict immigration rules

So we welcome Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s new approach.

He intends to let in thousands more skilled medics to fill NHS rota gaps — and relax rules to let businesses take in more engineers and IT experts.

And foreign, non-graduate entrepreneurs with a promising start-up idea will get a visa to launch it here.

The former Head of the Civil Service Lord Kerslake sparked uproar after saying Theresa May’s immigration policies aped the Nazis

That is exactly what taking back  control of our borders should look like post-Brexit: welcoming in the brightest, while stemming the flow of the less skilled. That will benefit our economy and allow our communities to cope.

It is far from the “racism” Leavers are accused of. It is simply common sense.

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