Destiny 2 Crucible Labs Bringing Experimental Matches To The Sci-fi Shooter


DESTINY 2 may have only just got its second expansion, but developer Bungie isn’t being shy when it comes to revealing what’s up next.

One of the most exciting-looking features is the new Crucible Labs — and they’re going to be here in less than two weeks, on May 29.

The full roadmap showing what Guardians have to look forward to throughout the entire summer

The Labs will give all Destiny 2 players “access to experimental PvP content”. Anyone who decides they fancy being a guinea pig will then be able to have their opinions on how the content should evolve before the developers take it back to the drawing board and work improvements in based on direct feedback and watching how Guardians play with their new toys.

The patch will also include improvements to Faction Rallies, and bring the sandbox changes that overhauled the game’s best weapons to Exotic armour as well.

That’s far from it, though. The roadmap also reveals what looks like a couple of major U-turns ahead with “weapon randomisation” promised for September — and bounties set to return in July.

Bounties were a core part of the original Destiny, giving players a range of repeating randomised daily challenges. These were removed for the sequel and replaced with an integrated set of tasks for each region, and weekly challenges that were the same for everyone.

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