Desperate Mumsnet User Asks How To Stop Her Mate’s Wedding Taking Place… And Her Reasons Will Shock You


ATTENDING the wedding of one of your oldest friend’s is always going to be an emotional experience – but what about when you can’t trust the man she is marrying?

This is exactly what has happened to one desperately concerned American woman, who has taken to Mumsnet to ask other users how she can stop her oldest friend from marrying “a monster”.

Getty – Contributor With the wedding just two weeks away, the bridesmaids will have to work fast

Vocalising her extensive concerns, the user wrote a 1,500 word essay-length post detailing the groom’s dodgy past which have raised “lots of red flags” among the bride’s friends.

Using the fake names “Jane” and “Dick”, the friend writes how the groom “claims to have attended two Ivy league universities, had several very successful entrepreneurial endeavours”, and “to come from a wealthy international family”.

On closer inspection however, the friend has found that ““it has been very difficult to pin down any specific details with these stories”.

She has also expressed concern that the bride has yet to meet any of his family despite the wedding being only two weeks away.

The groom’s shadiness prompted Jane’s friends to take action and the background check they ran came back with information “much worse than we could have ever anticipated”.

Mumsnet The anonymous American user wrote a 1,500 word post on Mumsnet asking how to call off the wedding

Mumsnet The concerned friends ran a background check that came back with shocking results – including animal cruelty

She wrote: “Dick is using a false last name, he has at least one felony conviction for grand theft, an animal cruelty charge, and several other misdemeanour charges for retail and petty theft.

“The felony is relatively recent, from less than 6 years ago.

“He also never went to either Ivy League school he claimed to have graduated from and he’s not even a legal American citizen.”

After informing Jane of the shocking revelations, she is still determined to marry Dick because he “came clean” when she confronted him.

Mumsnet One Mumsnet user warned that it would risk the user’s friendship with Jane

Mumsnet Most users recommended getting involved

Now her friends are concerned for her “safety and mental health” because of Dick’s controlling behaviour and fear that she is only marrying him out of the “fear, shame, and embarrassment” of cancelling when her parents have funded the entire occasion.

“And most of all, I think she fears having to start over at age 35, when she wants to get married and have kids before it’s too late.”

Mumsnet Almost all of the 100 comments recommended contacting American Immigration Control

Mumsnet Another recommended taking Jane away for a weekend to clear her head

Fellow Mumsnet users were divided on how  Jane’s friends should proceed, with some recommending that they take her on a weekend away to clear her head while others said  Immigration Control is a surefire way to “get him away from her.”

Some respected Jane’s decision to stand by her shady groom, telling the user that “she’s 35 and has capacity to make decision regardless of how unwise they seem.

“You’ve given her all the information. Now back off. You’ve done what you can.”

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