Customer Accuses Natwest Of A Security Blunder By Claiming To Have Been Sent Another Customer’s Details


A BANK customer was shocked when NatWest staff mistakenly handed him confidential statements from another customer – and then refused to collect and destroy them.

Chris Saitta, 38, only discovered the error after leaving the branch and despite receiving £250 compensation he says bosses seemed “unconcerned” about the data protection breach.

� Tony Spencer The 38-year-old says he was sent financial information from Natwest that didn’t belong to him

The security worker of Ancoats, Manchester, said he was repeatedly told it should remain “internal” and fears they never informed the real victim of the blunder.

He said: “For me it was an inconvenience because I was setting up another account and only found out I had the wrong statements when I arrived for the meeting, which meant I had to cancel.

“But for this guy, I received his address, his bank account details and all his transactions dating back three months. What if I was a scam artist?

“When I called the bank they were only concerned about it staying ‘internal’. I said they needed to let him know and this it was data protection breach, but they didn’t seem fussed.”

Alamy This is not the first time the bank has been accused of a security blunder

Chris has a completely different name to the customer whose statements he received and none of their personal details are similar. He received them by mistake at the bank’s Manchester Piccadilly branch on April 30 and he still has them today as the bank did not wish to take them back.

Chris received a letter from NatWest last month apologising for the mix up and offering compensation, but it stated that they were still “unable to verify exactly what has gone wrong”.

And despite repeatedly asking staff what they wanted to do with the statements, he was told to just “dispose of them”.

Chris said: “Why were they not demanding to have them back and destroy them themselves? It just didn’t cross their minds, they were totally unconcerned. I couldn’t believe how lightly they were taking it. I still have the statements and they have not asked for them back.”

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