Cryptic London And Tokyo Pictures Tease Pre-e3 Announcement From Bethesda


RAGE 2 looks like it could be be confirmed as early as next Monday following a leak of a product listing from US store Walmart and a clutch of teasers posted to social media by Bethesda.

The post-apocalyptic sequel was included on a massive list of games that Walmart’s Canadian operation accidentally listed earlier in the week ahead of E3 next month. Bethesda then proceeded to troll the retailer in a light-hearted post that covered the leak page with magenta graffiti, before launching its own teaser pictures featuring the same specific shade of pink.

The clock face spattered with a very specific shade of paint – and set to fourteen minutes past five

The first one showed Parliament’s Elizabeth Tower — that’s Big Ben to you and me — with the clock set to a 14 minutes past five.

Hours later they shared a picture of a paint-spattered rocket with 5-14 emblazoned on the side, before finally sharing a rendition of Tokyo’s famous Sukiyabashi crossing, also covered in paint.

Eagle-eyed internet users also spotted skid marks across the crossing — perhaps a further hint that it’s Rage 2 being teased, given the racing elements in that game that aren’t present in any of Bethesda’s other big games.

All that information adds up to suggest a big announcement for next Monday May 16th — 5/14 if you write your dates like the Americans — that’s set to build hype for E3 next month.

The same shade of pink featured in Bethesda’s ‘correction’ to the leaked Rage 2 listing

The rocket is reminiscent of Nasa’s famed Saturn V launcher, with some extra boosters — and an unconventional paint job

While some thought this image was meant to be a version of Oxford Circus’ Japan-inspired scramble crossing the cars, street furniture and crossing style all point to Sukiyabashi

Ginza’s Sukiyabashi crossing in Tokyo, as seen on Google Maps


The first Rage game was a follow-up to the much-loved Doom and Quake franchises from John Carmack’s Id software. While it received a generally favourable response from critics it failed to really capture the gaming public’s consciousness in the same way as Carmack’s previous games.

Bethesda has suggested that its pre-E3 showcase will be its biggest ever, but exactly what the Fallout maker will be showing is anyone’s guess. Many fans feel the June 10 event would be the perfect time for a first look at the firm’s follow-up to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, given it’s been almost seven years since that game first came out.

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