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Coronation Street Fans Thrilled As Robert Preston Proposes To Michelle Connor After Charity Run



CORONATION Street fans were thrilled at Robert Preston’s proposal to Michelle Connor on tonight’s show.

The businessman played by Tristan Gemmill got down on one knee with a ring after the Race For Your Wife charity run.

Robert Preston proposed to Michelle on tonight’s Valentine’s Day episode pf Coronation Street

He told her: “Michelle, I love the bones off you, you’re the love of my life. Will you marry me?”

Michelle immediately accepted , saying “Yes, of course I will”and the pair shared a romantic smooch.

One fan wrote: “Aw…Michelle and Rob #itvcorrie,” while another added: “Yay…Michelle said “YES to Robert’s proposal.”

A third chimed in: “Robert proposing to Michelle was so cute I love them.”


Michelle Connor said ‘yes’ much to fans’ delight

A fourth added: “How beautiful & romantic I don’t mean Sean & Tyronne, Robert proposing to Michelle on #ValentinesDay #Corrie.”

There were a few naysayers though, with one viewer complaining they didn’t “warm to Michelle and Robert as a couple.”

The couple were also celebrating clearing their debts after Robert’s gambled all their cash away

Of course things won’t all be running smoothly for Michelle, despite her big news.



Tonight’s show also saw the return of the character’s long lost son.

Liz McDonald was given a shock when she discovered Ali, who used to be called Alex, in the surgery and he soon admitted he was totally estranged from his mum.


Gogglebox Siblings Pete And Sophie Sandiford Pay Tribute To Leon Bernicoff




It’s the show that’s made stars of couch potatoes watching telly.

And siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford, who made their debut last year, still can’t believe their luck to have joined the Gogglebox family.

C4 Gogglebox: Sophie and Pete (above) made their debut on E4’s Vlogglebox; Leon (right) appeared on the first 10 series of the show Gogglebox airs Leon Bernicoff’s final scenes in adorable farewell

“It’s been one big pinch-me moment,” says Sophie, 22, a shop-window dresser when she’s not filming.

“We can still pop out for milk, but I can always tell when we’re on telly because my phone buzzes with new Twitter followers.”

“We’re still gobsmacked that we’re on the show,” adds Pete, 24, who works in insurance.

“A woman came up to me saying me and Soph were ace – when people take the time to do that, it means a lot.”

The pair, from Blackpool, love hanging out at each other’s houses.
“I’m always round Pete’s, feet up, watching the box,” laughs Sophie. “We’re fans of SAS: Who Dares Wins. That process really draws you in.”

C4 Gogglebox: Leon, pictured here with wife June passed away last December

“I think I’d smash it if I went on that,” reckons Pete.

“No you wouldn’t,” adds Sophie. “Sorry to disappoint you, but no!”

As Gogglebox returns, Leon Bernicoff – who died last December – his wife June and their often funny, always sweet commentary of the week’s TV will sadly be missing.

“Leon was the Grandfather of Gogglebox, the main man,” says Pete.

“He’s a character who will never be replaced,” reflects Sophie. “We’ll all miss him dearly.”

GOGGLEBOX, Friday, 9pm, C4

Don’t know what to watch tonight? Get your daily guide to What’s On TV from The Sun Online

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When Does The Walking Dead Season 8 Start? Uk Release Date, Cast And Spoilers




THE Walking Dead are upon us once more as the hit zombie-thriller leaves more death in its wake in the eighth season

Negan and Rick might be braced for war but there are some others out there that could make life very difficult for our favourite survivors…

Winter is coming, and by winter we mean war.

When does The Walking Dead air in the UK?

The second half of The Walking Dead season 8 continues on UK screens on February 26 at 9pm on Fox.

You can watch Fox if you have a Sky subscription or if you have a Now TV account.

What will happen in The Walking Dead season 8?

The latest series of The Walking Dead is likely to be one of the most explosive in the show’s history.

The premiere is going to pick up right where the season 7 finale ended, with Alexandria, The Kingdom and The Hilltop Colony declaring war on Negan.

In a total twist on the premiere from Season 7, where Negan destroyed all hope within our favourite characters, season 8 will start with something more hopeful.

Negan no longer has control and it becomes more plausible that his tyranny will not last forever. This opening episode could be the one where we get the old Rick Grimes back.

On the premiere, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) said: “We are going to have to come and bring one of the greatest episodes we’ve ever attempted, and we’re going to start the season with it. And, it will be the hundredth episode, which is one of the greatest.”

Who’s in The Walking Dead cast?

Rick Grimes is revitalised and back to his former self.

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln, 44, is a British actor who is by now best known for his role as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.

He first entered the public realm of consciousness as one of the favourite soppy-hearted, love-sick fools on Love Actually where he played carol music and told Keira Knightley that he loved her.

He got married to Gael Anderson in 2006 where Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter served as a flower girl. They have two children together – a son and daughter.

Daryl Dixon will definitely be lining Negan up in his sights for what he did to Alexandria.

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is an American actor who is essentially now completely synonymous with the character Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead was not his first rodeo, in fact he had been building up quite the career having acted in Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic as well as Blade II, American Gangster, 8mm and The Boondock Saints.

Since The Walking Dead Norman’s career has gone from strength to strength.

He is currently working with Guillermo del Toro again, along with legendary Hideo Kojima, on PS4 game Death Stranding.

Alamy Maggie Greene has become something of a leader among her people since the death of her husband Glenn.

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan is best known for her role on The Walking Dead but she’s also had recurring roles on Supernatural, Chuck and The Vampire Diaries.

The actress graduated with BA in Drama and English Literature at the University of Winchester before she embarked on her Walking Dead adventure.

Interestingly, she acted alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Martha Wayne to his Thomas Wayne, mother and father of Batman, Bruce.

Negan will be looking to give Lucile a few people to play with.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 51, is an American actor who is probably best known for his role as John Winchester on Supernatural.

That however is definitely changing because of the energy and vibrancy he brings to the deliriously dangerous Negan.

For many comic book fans he is also a major star in The Watchmen where he played The Comedian, the vigilante who is driven by his greed and inherent love for violence – something similar to his Walking Dead character.

Carl Grimes was lucky not to lose his hand in the last series – he’ll be back with a vengeance now.

Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs, 18, is best known for his role as Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead.

He was cast in the role at just 10 years of age and is his biggest role to date.

He starred in Keep Watching alongside Bella Thorn and Ioan Grufford in 2017 where he played a member of a family that was being terrorised by intruders.

Rosita has lost the love of her life in Abraham but it looks like she could be turning things around.

Christian Serratos

Christian Serratos, 27, is best known her role of Rosita Espinosa on The Walking Dead.

The California native also had a starring role in the Twilight saga – she played Angela Weber

Christian is an animal activist who takes the rights of our furry friends seriously. She has posed for a number of PETA campaigns to promote a vegan lifestyle.

Michonne is one of the most badass characters in the series and wields a samurai sword in battle.

Danai Gurira

Danai Guirira, 39, is an American actress and playwright who is probably best known for her role on The Walking Dead.

Her parents came to the US from what was called Southern Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. She was born in Iowa but moved with her family to Zimbabwe when she was five, after the country gained its independence.

In 2016 Dana’s play Eclipsed was nominated at the Tony Awards for Best Play and won Best Costume Design.

She’s a headstrong activist having partnered with J+J against HIV/AIDS and founded the non-profit organisation Love Our Girls, which aims to highlight the issues and challenges that affect women around the world.

Morgan was one of the most mysterious characters on The Walking Dead before he joined the main cast.

Lennie James

Lennie James, 51, is an English-born actor who has been working in the business for over two decades.

He has been in films like Snatch, Blade Runner 2049 and Les Miserables.

He originally starred in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead and wasn’t seen or heard of again until the third series. After that he didn’t appear on the show until season 5. In the sixth series he became a regular cast member.

Despite his few appearances in the show overall, Lennie plays one of the most convincing and beloved characters in it.

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From Ed Sheeran To Abbey Clancy Take A Look At Some Of The Messiest Brits Departures Ever




LAST night’s Brit Awards didn’t disappoint as a whole host of celebrities were pictured leaving the after parties in a slightly dishevelled manner.

Holly Willoughby and Rita Ora were just some of the famous faces who looked ready for their beds.

Getty – Contributor Ed Sheeran is king of the messy Brit Awards exits

But that’s nothing compared to some past celebrity antics, so take a look back at some of the messiest Brits exits ever.

Getty – Contributor Ed celebrated his double win at the 2015 awards in style it seems

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran won the Global Success Award at last night’s ceremony but he has also taken the crown for the best Brits departure ever after his 2015 exploits.

Then, the Shape of You singer was celebrating the fact he won two gongs and was pictured leaving London’s The Box nightclub at 6am.

The 27-year-old was pictured being held up by a member of his entourage while he tried to focus on placing one foot in front of the other.

Rex Features Abbey Clancy looked a bit dishevelled as she left one of last year’s after parties

Rex Features Abbey pulled her hair out of her face as she headed for her car

Abbey Clancy

The model is known for looking her best 24/7 but sadly her stylish halo slipped as she left the Warner Music bash last year.

Wearing a black and white striped mini dress, the mother-of-three looked like she’d had a heavy night as she pulled her hair back out of her face and wandered towards her car.

Thankfully Abbey, husband Peter Crouch was on hand to make sure she got home safely.

Rex Features Jay Kay lost some of his cool credentials back in 2002

Rex Features The Jamiroquai frontman was led from an after party by some burly men

Jay Kay

The Jamiroquai frontman has always been known for being a pretty cool dude.

But back in 2002, the 48-year-old lost his cool at an after-party bash with insiders claiming he was escorted from the premises by bouncers.

Jay was seen stumbling to his car and didn’t look like a happy chappy.

Rex Features Liam Gallagher showed off his wild side in 2004

Rex Features The Oasis frontman stumbled into cars as he headed for his own vehicle

Liam Gallagher

The former Oasis lead singer certainly knows all about rock ‘n’ roll.

And his wild side was certainly on display in 2004, with Liam, 45, stumbling in the sides of cars as he was helped to his own vehicles by members of his team.

Hilarious moment Liam Gallagher blasts ‘making his own f*****g tea’ in BBC documentary

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