Christmas adverts 2017 from John Lewis and Asda to Tesco and M&S – and where to watch Sainsbury’s Kermit the Frog ad


WHEN the Christmas adverts start to drop, you know the festive season is upon you.

Each year, retailers work tirelessly to come up with the best ad campaigns that will make them stand out against the crowd. Here’s what’s launched already this year…

Which Christmas adverts have been released?


The Cavalier Carver shows off his skills in this Lidl 2017 Christmas advert

Lidl’s Christmas ads were released slightly earlier than last year.

There are actually three short separate commercials this year following different characters.

So far we’ve been introduced to the Cavalier Carver, The Mince Pie Maverick and the Double Dipper.


An elf races through the snow in Argos’ 2017 christmas advert

Argos also launched its Christmas ad campaign on Friday November 3.

In the 60-second clip, called ‘Ready for Take-off’, the retailer flaunts its commitment to speedy delivery and its Fast Track delivery service.

The commercial is set in a magical distribution centre, where a team of elves can be seen scrambling to get toys out to children in time for Christmas.

Toys R Us

Geoffery the Giraffe helps out Santa in the Toys R Us 2017 Christmas advert

Parents have been given plenty of time to think about what to get their kids this Chrimbo.

In Toys R Us’ advert, we see Santa visit the store on his sleigh, with the story told using Pixar-esque animation.

Unfortunately, his trusty reindeer are distracted by all the goodies on offer at the toy superstar, throwing Christmas into jeopardy.

Luckily, Geoffrey the Giraffe (who runs the store) is on hand to step up and help Father Christmas complete his task.


Kevin the Carrot returns in Aldi’s Xmas ad – and this time he’s looking for love

Forget Santa, this year Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot only has eyes for Katie.

The spirited little root vegetable is the star of Aldi’s Christmas advert for the second year running.

Last year, we followed his journey to meet Santa but now it’s all about his quest for romance across a table full of festive grub.

The 60 second video is narrated by award-winning actor Jim Broadbent and it will be broadcast for the first time on ITV, tonight at 7.15pm.

Aldi’s new advert picks up with Kevin where we saw him last, as a snowman’s nose. He quickly becomes dislodged by the rumbling of an approaching train.

After jumping aboard, he spots Katie, and, for him at least, it’s love at first sight.


Adsa promises the best Christmas ever with its Xmas ad

For their advert this year, Asda has created a magical Christmas workshop, known as the Imaginarium.

It follows  a grandfather and his granddaughter as they discover the supermarket’s imaginary magical world.

From a giant pop-up Christmas cookbook revealing chefs preparing a roast turkey and Wagyu beef dripping potatoes, as well as a giant “gin laser”, the ad is supposed to show the imaginative ways Asda is working to provide the best Christmas ever for its customers.


Paddington Bear unknowingly saves Christmas in M&S’ festive ad

There had been a lot of speculation about the new advert, and it has now been revealed that Paddington Bear is the centre of attention for this year’s offering.

The 90-second ad sees Paddington happen across a burglar, dressed in red and toting a sack of stolen presents, who he mistakes for Father Christmas on the roof of his house.

Paddington then offers to help the unlikely ‘Father Christmas’ deliver his presents – with the thief eventually seeing the error of his ways.

The much-loved bear then offers the burglar one of his famous marmalade sandwiches in an act of kindness that brings a tear to the burglar’s eye.


Debenhams unveil their Cinderella-inspired Christmas advert

This year’s campaign is a modern take on Charles Perrault’s classic 1697 fairy-tale, Cinderella.

The ad tells the tale of a young woman who loses her shoe on a crowded train and the handsome stranger who finds it.
It follows the quest of reuniting the lost slipper with the heroine and a number of near misses that take place along the way.

Audiences will also see a familiar Hollywood face, with a cameo appearance from Ewan McGregor, who plays a pivotal role in the fairytale ending.


Boots’ festive advert focuses on the memories you make during Xmas time

The festive advert focuses on the journey of two sisters.

Throughout their lives, a Boots Christmas gift, given from one to the other, taps into their special bond.

The film flashes back at various shared moments during their life, with 11 different beauty products woven into their memories.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx unveil their White Christmas advert during the festive countdown

TK MAxx’s Christmas ad is here, and it’s voiced by Bill Nighy!

In the commercial, we see a White Christmas come to life as a grandfather gifts his lucky granddaughter a snow globe.

As excitement grows, TK Maxx snow experts arrive to transform the house into a winter wonderland, complete with helicopter and snow bazookas, all watched on by the family dog.

The spot is soundtracked by a re-recorded festive version of pop-rock band Pilot’s 1975 hit, Magic.


Join in with a festive sing-a-long in the Sainsbury’s 2017 Christmas advert

In a complete change of direction from the Christmas specials of recent years, Sainsbury’s new campaign doesn’t have a narrative.

The video is called, “Every Bit of Christmas” and instead celebrates the many ways that Brits spend the festive season.

The campaign centres around an upbeat but also quite annoying song, written by lyricist Ben “Doc Brown” Smith and composed by Mikis Michaelide.

And we can guarantee that it will be stuck in your head a long time after the end of the advert (although that’s probably the point!).


Superdrug unveil their Christmas advert with plenty of gift ideas

One of Superdrug’s festive adverts has been released – but only time will tell if the retailer will be unveiling more clips throughout the festive season.

The fun advert features Christmas parties, glitter beards and tonnes of the retailer’s products.

It seems to be aimed at people of all ages and genders, showing that they have a wide variety of stock in store.

The video ends with the tagline: “Get something for everyone and treat yourself.”

Heroic duo ‘Anna and Ulfie’ highlight the joy of giving in Very 2017 Christmas ad

The Christmas ad follows a little girl called Anna’s desperate quest to hand out all of her Christmas gifts .

The generous girl enlists the help of her toy wolf called Ulfie to deliver her gift to Santa.

Anna gets caught in a blizzard and drops the present into the river and Ulfie dives in after it to be sure it reaches its destination.

The next thing the audience sees is the little girl waking up in her bedroom sad that she lost Ulfie.

But as she turns over, she sees that not only has she been given her own surprise glowing pink cube, but that it contains Ulfie, now with a patched-up ear.

Anna’s Christmas gift list has also been returned with Santa’s name crossed off, meaning he got his Christmas present after all.

When is the John Lewis Christmas advert out?

John Lewis 2017 Christmas advert follows a seven-year-old boy scared of a monster snoozing under his bed — but eventually bond and become friends over a fart

Just like previous years, the John Lewis Christmas ad was released in the second week of November.

A teaser for the retailer’s eagerly-awaited commercial revealed the identity of the advert’s protagonist – Moz the Monster.

The £7m campaign was filmed by Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry and features Elbow’s cover of classic Beatles tune Golden Slumbers.

In the story, a seven-year-old boy called Joe befriends the furry figure after initially being scared of the large eyes peeping at him from under his bed.

But, in typical John Lewis style, there is a heart-wrenching finish.

 Moz the Monster is bound to steal the hearts of the British nation this yearPA:Press Association Moz the Monster is bound to steal the hearts of the British nation this year

Moz eventually realises that it is time for him to leave and the loveable monster is shown, under the bed, waving forlornly at his friend, eyes filled with tears.

Some Twitter users are convinced that a four-second-long trailer has something to do with the retail giant.

The short video clip is of a cute creature – or more accurately just the animal’s eyes – looking for something in the dark with the hashtag #UnderTheBed.

What other Christmas adverts are due for release?

As Sainsbury’s festive footage was such a success last year, customers can’t wait to see what the supermarket giant has come up with next – with the ad due out November 12.

Their competitors Iceland are also yet to air their wintry commercials.

If this wasn’t anticipation enough, beauty addicts are still awaiting the release of Superdrug’s Christmas advert.

When should I put the Christmas tree up and when is the start of advent?

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