Chewing Gum ‘makes You Walk Faster And Burn More Calories’


IT sounds too good to be true but chewing gum while you walk could help you lose weight.

Apparently it helps you walk faster and burn more calories, according to nee research.

Getty – Contributor Chewing gum while walking encouraged people to walk fast, research found

Plus it gets your heart rate up – an important factor in losing weight.

A number of studies have looked into how chewing gum affects the body when you’re resting, but Dr Yuka Hamada and colleagues at Waseda University in Tokyo set out to discover how it impacts the body while walking.

They studied 46 volunteers aged 21 to 69 in two different trials.

For the first trial they were asked to chew two pieces of gum while walking at their natural pace for 15 minutes after an hour of rest.

Getty – Contributor Some people walked further when they were chewing gum

In the second test they did the same exercise but swallowed a powder that contained the same ingredients as gum, taking away the need to chew it.

The average heart rate of each participant while walking, and the change in heart rate from rest to to walking, was significantly higher in those who chewed gum.

Age also played a role, with older men reaping the most reward from chewing gum while walking.

Men that chewed gum also walked further and faster than participants who swallowed the powder.

Those aged 40 and older also had a higher heart rate when chewing gum than the younger participants.

Getty – Contributor Those who chewed gum also had a faster heart rate

“Chewing gum while walking affects a number of physical and physiological functions in men and women of all ages,” Dr Hamada and his team concluded.

“Our study also indicates that gum chewing while walking increased the walking distance and energy expenditure of middle-aged and elderly male participants in particular.”

The findings were published in the journal Eating Behaviours and presented at the European Congress of Obesity in Vienna last week.

It’s not the first time chewing gum has been linked to better health.

Previous studies have found regularly chewing gum can alleviate stress and protect your teeth from plaque and decay.

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