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Okinawa incident sparks US troops alcohol ban in Japan

The ban follows a deadly crash on Okinawa that has fuelled resentment at the US military presence.

Robert Mugabe slammed for ‘not following the script’ as he refuses to step down as president of Zimbabwe

TYRANT Robert Mugabe made his last act of defiance today by REFUSING to stand down during his expected resignation speech. The 93-year-old rambled through a 21-minute...

Has Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe President, will he be impeached and who is his wife Grace?

ZIMBABWEAN dictator Robert Mugabe was seized in a military coup in the early hours of 15 November 2017. At 93, he was Africa’s oldest head of state and was the only...

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe faces looming resignation deadline

Zimbabwe's president has defied calls to resign despite his own party's threat to impeach him.

Chile election: Conservative Pinera to face Socialist Guillier in run-off

Ex-president Sebastián Piñera wins the first round, but fails to avoid a run-off in December.

Germany coalition: Talks collapse as FDP pulls out

Chancellor Angela Merkel may now have to form a minority coalition or hold snap elections.

Chile election: Conservative Sebastian Pinera takes lead

Ex-president Sebastián Piñera is on course to win the first round, but may fail to avoid a run-off.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe vows to stay on despite party pressure

Robert Mugabe defies his own party in a TV speech by clinging on to Zimbabwe's presidency.

Argentina missing submarine: Search hampered by bad weather

Rescuers face "very difficult" conditions in the hunt for an Argentine submarine with 44 crew on board.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe vows to stay on despite army pressure

Robert Mugabe vows to stay on as Zimbabwe president, despite intense pressure for him to resign.