Category: Science & Environment

Nasa’s New Horizons probe strikes distant gold

New observations suggest America's Pluto probe will see more than one object on its next flyby.

Sea reptile fossil gives clues to life in ancient oceans

A new fossil is shedding light on the marine reptiles that swam at the time of the dinosaurs.

Hurricane Harvey rainfall ‘weighed 127bn tonnes’

Scientists established how much rain fell by measuring how much the Earth compressed during the storm.

Neonicotinoids at ‘chronic levels’ in UK rivers, study finds

Neonicotinoids have increasingly been linked to problems in bee populations.

60 million-year-old meteorite impact found on Skye

Geologists made the discovery while exploring volcanic rocks near Broadford.

Star system has record eight exoplanets

Nasa finds a distant star circled by eight planets, equal to the complement in our own Solar System.

California fires: Sentinel satellite tracks wildfire smoke plume

Europe's new Sentinel-5P satellite captures a dramatic image of the smoke billowing away from wildfires.

Ofcom to investigate BBC climate change interview

It's the regulator's first investigation since taking over responsibility for BBC standards.

Vandals damage ancient dinosaur footprint in Australia

Vandals 'took a hammer or rock' to a 115 million year old fossil, breaking off sections of its toes.

Interstellar object may hold ‘alien’ water

The first known interstellar asteroid may hold water from another star system in its interior, according to a study.