British Tourist Died From Alcohol Poisoning On First Day Of Canary Islands Holiday After Accidentally Drinking Too Much On Pub Crawl


A BRIT tourist died from alcohol poisoning on the first day of her Canary Islands holiday after accidentally drinking too much on a pub crawl.

Paula Bishop, 37, was found dead in her hotel room by her devastated husband – feared to have not realised how much she had drunk.

Cavendish Press Paula Bishop, 37, is feared to have misjudged the measures she was given by bartenders as she went on a pub crawl the day she arrived at the Canary Islands

An inquest into Paula’s death was told she had drunken “a few small beers”, two small glasses of wine and up to four Irish coffees.

But blood tests later showed the NHS pharmacy worker would have been the equivalent of eight times the Spanish drink driving limit – suffering from heart failure due to acute alcohol toxicity.

Husband Stuart Bishop revealed his devastation after finding his wife of 11 years, telling the inquest their first day had been spent settling in and sending snaps to family.

In a statement, Mr Bishop said: “This was a perfect start to what we anticipated would be perfect holiday.”

Cavendish Press Husband Stuart said he would greatly miss his wife of 11 years

Cavendish Press The 37-year-old ‘lived for her holidays’, the inquest was told

He said he had no recollection of his wife, of Ince, near Wigan, Greater Manchester, being excessively drunk or unsteady on her feet as she went to bed that night in October last year.

He said his last memory of Paula was seeing her go back to the room at the Antigua resort, saying it was “nothing out of the ordinary”.

Stuart said: “I woke up sometime after midnight and found Paula lying on the floor propped up against a chest of drawers.

“I touched her belly and it was cold and then tried to find a pulse.”

Cavendish Press Paula, of Ince, near Wigan, Great Manchester, was found dead in her hotel room with blood tests showing she would have been the equivalent of eight times the Spanish drink driving limit

Cavendish Press The NHS pharmacy worker’s family said she would be greatly missed

He added: “I ran down to the reception area straight away and brought up a night time security who then alerted paramedics When I first looked at her, I thought straight away that she had passed away and my automatic reaction was to get help.

“I shook her and tried to speak to her but got nothing. Paramedics attended and tried resuscitation but she could not be saved.

“Her death came as an enormous shock – she was a wonderful person who was full of life and will be greatly missed by her friends and family.”

A Spanish toxicologist said tests showed Mrs Bishop had an alcohol count of 4 grams per litre of blood in her system – around eight times the country’s drink driving limit. Spain allows drivers up to 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.

Dr Naveen Sharma a consultant histopathologist at Whiston hospital in Liverpool said the levels of alcohol in Mrs Bishop’s system were ”fatally toxic” and concluded her cause of death was heart failure due to ”acute alcohol toxicity.”

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